Résumé de la formation

A long term professional project needs to take into account participant’s skills, preferences and the labour market. It must be must be both personal and realistic. Therefore, participants have to think about what they can do, what they want to do and what are the recruiter’s needs.


  • Module 1 : The labour market for PhDs

    – Understanding the current socio-economical structure

    – Understanding the labour market for PhDs

    – Becoming aware of the variety of professional opportunities

    Module 2 : Becoming aware of and defining your skills

    – Analyzing your experiences to identify skills developed (knowledge, know-how, personal qualities)

    – Expressing and valuing your skills with a « corporate vocabulary » – Imagining other jobs in which these resources could be useful, in order to become aware of skill transferability

    Module 3 : Defining your preferences

    – Knowing yourself to decipher your sources of motivation, your operational mode and your natural role – Reflecting on your values and professionnal environment

    Module 4 : DefinIng your professional options

    – Defining your priorities in terms of skills, preferences and motivations and deducing your professional profile

    – Extract professional tracks including your priorities and constraints

    Module 5 : How to realize your professional project

    – Tools dedicated to increase your knowledge about organisations, professions and sectors

    – Discovering methodology of professional survey and to build your network in order to discover professional environments

    – Defining your action plan to finalise your professional project and to launch your job search in order to realise it

Formateurs et formatrices

Amandine Bugnicourt

Informations pratiques

  • Email (contact pédagogique) : formation@adoc-tm.com
  • Dates prévisionnelles : 21 & 22/03/2022 de 9h à 17h
  • Lieu : FORMATION A DISTANCE Les modalités de connexion vous seront communiquées par les formateurs ultérieurement.
  • Pré-requis : Avoir un niveau courant d’anglais
  • Effectif maximum : 12



Emploi et carrières

Entreprise et Organisations


D2 et D3


14h/ 2 jours





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