Methodology of scientific writing

Résumé de la formation

Moving from the production of research to its clear and documented transcription is a difficult exercise. Early exposure to the principles, tools and methods of writing and presenting one’s research allows one to approach scientific writing in an efficient and serene manner.

At the end of the training, the trainees will be able to :

  • Articulate their epistemological positioning with their scientific methodology
  • Identify the characteristics of a scientific production
  • Define an argumentative strategy
  • Plan and prepare their writing


  • Module 1: Why are we writing our research?
    • Fundamental notions of epistemology
    • Ethics, academic standards and writing
    • Becoming aware of our biases
  • Module 2: clarify your writing objective
  • Module 3 : Identify scientific writing styles and build a plan
    • Understand the specificities of writing styles used by researchers
    • Analyze the characteristics of scientific texts
    • Discover and experiment with different types of plans
  • Module 4 : Moving from the plan to the writing
    • Organize the preparation of the writing to ensure the clarity of the text
    • Use methods to be effective in writing
    • Identify the obstacles and the levers to facilitate the practice of writing
    • Discover the functionalities of computer tools for writing (Word/LibreOffice, LaTeX, bibliography management software)
    • Experience useful functions for your own research activity
  • Module 5 : Communicating and promoting your research
    • Understand the rules of scientific publishing: peer-reviewing, editorial ethics and copyright
    • Confronting copyright issues related to research

Formateurs et formatrices

Dr Carole Chapin, Dr Anna-Livia Morand ou Dr Simon Thierry ( Adoc Métis )

Informations pratiques

• Email (contact pédagogique) :
• Dates prévisionnelles : 10 décembre 2021 de 9h à 17h
• Lieu : Université Paris Cité – Rue francoise Dolto 75013 Paris – Bâtiment Halle aux farines – salle 125C
• Durée : 1 jour/ 7h
• Pré-requis : none
• Public visé : doctoral candidates of all disciplines
• Effectif maximum : 12




1 jour/ 7h







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