Write your thesis in two months : Become efficient in the last year of your thesis

Résumé de la formation

In the last year of the thesis, the time may seem short and in addition to the thesis some people have to manage their professional and private life. Learn how to stop postponing writing and manage your time and priorities.

The success of any project depends on your discipline and good organisation !

Ph.D. research and writing your thesis is an extremely difficult exercise ant it lasts at least 3 years. The culmination of years of research work is the writing of doctoral thesis.

Often this last stage of work can be daunting endeavor. Students can encounter all sorts of problems: mentors are not answering promptly their emails, they don’t know what’s the best method to write more than one page per day, they don’t have enough time to write cause they have to work in order to finance their studies, some have problems with their work permission that is expiring, lack of concentration, the family members have no patience, etc.

This is not a training about the page layout in Word or some other programs you might use depending on different disciplines of research but a generalized training about the time and priority management during the writing of your doctoral thesis.
We will learn together what is deep work and how to use it in production of an intellectual content.
Embrace useful tips, methods and strategies thanks to the training: WRITE YOUR THESIS IN 2 MONTHS –
In the last year of your thesis, learn how to stop postponing the writing and to manage your time and your priorities.


– How to communicate with your mentor

– Add value to your Ph.D. by getting the most difficult testimonials and documentation

– Limit useless information

– Read faster you literature, look for useful information

– Delegate certain tasks

– Regroup activities that eat up time

– Eliminate interruptions of concentration

– Limit your working time and limit the tasks that are not important

– Deep work

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Informations pratiques

• Email (contact pédagogique) : bomiljanic@gmail.com
• Dates prévisionnelles :
Session 1 : 25 MARS 2022 de 9h à 13h
• Lieu : à distance
• Durée : 0,5 jour/ 4h
• Pré-requis : Having difficulty managing time and priorities when writing, having difficulty focusing
• Public visé : Ph.D. candidates in their last year
• Effectif maximum : 14




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0,5 jour/ 4h





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