Nightline, a listening service run by and dedicated to students, is recruiting English-speaking or bilingual volunteers, as well as French-speaking volunteers in Paris. Apply now !

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A Helpline Run by Students

Nightline is a listening service (by phone or chat) run by students, for students. Volunteers recruited on site are here to listen and talk to those who need it, about any kind of subject.  This is done anonymously, confidentially, and in a non-judgmental, non-directive manner. The service is open Thursday to Monday, from 9PM until 2:30AM, when it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep, and/or when one might just feel like talking to someone.

At Nightline, it is considered that speaking is essential, especially when you are not feeling well. It is so that all students can open up and express themselves that they have been trained. It is in order to listen to them that the volunteers are all students. 

Become a Nightline Volunteer

Are you a student? Are you interested in mental health and active listening? Would you like to give some of your time to help out your peers? If so, volunteering at Nightline might be just what you’re looking for!  What is most important when becoming a volunteer is to be caring and be willing to listen to others. If this inspires you, don’t hesitate to contact them !

You can become a listener, answer the phone and participate in chats three nights a month. If you don’t want to go home alone late at night, Nightline has arranged for you to drive home for free. There are no additional costs for the chat service or the calls.

Joining this association will give you an ideal forum help other students in your community. You will also have the opportunity learn to listen, meet students from different backgrounds and get involved in many different types of projects that take place outside of the university setting.

To apply, just fill in this form :


For more information, contact Nightline

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