The “Eiffel” Excellence program launched by France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Internatonal Development is now open for applications. Submit your candidacy before December 9!

The Eiffel excellence program is managed by France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. It enables top international applicants to benefit from financial support, allowing them to enroll in Master degree and PhD programs. The support can vary from 12 to 36 months at the masters level and up to 10 months maximum on the PhD level.

The three main fields of studies covered by the Eiffel grants are :

  • Engineering sciences at the graduate level, sciences in the broad sense at the PhD level
  • Economics and management
  • Law and political science

Duration of the grant

Master's program

The grant is awarded as follows:

  • 12 months maximum for enrollment in a masters program level M2
  • 24 months maximum for enrollment in a masters program level M1
  • 36 months maximum for completion of an engineering program

Important points for candidates to note below:

  • The recipient is required to fulfill the program requirements for each year academic year to benefit from the grant.
  • The recipients may benefit from the maintenance of their grant while on an internship which lasts less than or equal to 25% of the total duration of the program, provided it is a required internship included in the program model. In other cases, the grant is suspended for the duration of the internship.
  • If the course of study includes an international academic exchange, the grant will be terminated during the time spent abroad, without possible carry-over of the grant.
  • The signature of an apprenticeship or professional training contract by an Eiffel recipient automatically results in the termination of the grant.



PhD programs
  • The Eiffel grant is awarded for a maximum period of 10 months.
  • The Eiffel program does not cover the cost of courses in French language except for candidates in law. The request must be made in the application form.



Eligibility requirements
  • Nationality : The program is designed for foreign nationals. Candidates holding French citizenship are not eligible for the grant even if they are also a citizen of another country.
  • Age limit:
    • Masters : 25 years old (born after march 1995) no later on the date the selection committee meets
    • Doctoral: 30 years old (born after march 1990) no later on the date the selection committee meets
  • Origin : Only applications sent by French institutions are accepted. An applicant submitted by more than one institution will be rejected.
  • International students already benefiting from another grant from the French government under another program at the time of application are not eligible.
  • Students who have already applied for the Eiffel grant but have not been selected cannot apply again, even if they are applying from a different institution or in a different field of study.
  • Students studying outside France at the time of application have priority over those already residing in France.

Please note:  Students are allowed to apply only once for the same level of study.




Application procedure

The International Mobility Department of the Office of International Relations (SRI) centralises all applications and is responsible for forwarding them to Campus France within the required deadlines.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Complete the file and send it to the person in charge of the program (Graduate or Phd) so that he/she can complete the pedagogical section. 
  • Please make sure that your COMPLETE file reaches the International Mobility Department within the deadline.

Note  : Under no circumstances will the International Mobility Department be responsible for forwarding to the educational managers the pedagogical section of the application for completion. This part under the entire responsibility of the applicant.

Please note given the university is closed at the end-of-year for holidays and the deadline imposed by Campus France, the deadline for submitting applications to the International Mobility Department is 9 December 2020. Applications submitted after this date will not be processed.


Opening of the call for applications by Campus France :  week of 28th September 2020

  • Deadline for the reception of applications by Université de Paris : 09 december 2020
  • Deadline for the reception of applications by Campus France : 08 january 2021
  • Publication of results: week of March 22nd 2021



For more information, access here :


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