For internships excluding undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical and continuing education: Below you will find frequently asked questions on what you need to know and do about internships during the Covid-19 health crisis.

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Internship in metropolitan France

Can internships take place anywhere in metropolitan France? updated 01/02/2021

Yes. Internships outside of Université de Paris can take place or continue on face-to-face basis, however, only when working remotely is not possible or relevant. In fact, as soon as the host organisation considers that the assignment entrusted to the intern cannot be carried out remotely, the internship can be carried out face-to-face within the host’s premises. The interns are then authorised to commute between their home and the location of their internship. For this reason, they must provide proof of professional travel completed by the host organisation, as well as ID proving their identification.  However, the internship requires that the host organisation  complies strictly with the national protocol to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace with respect to the COVID-19 epidemic and, where applicable, the associated job descriptions.

Regarding the internships in laboratories and research labs of Université de Paris, they can take place in person, but if remote work is impossible and subject to compliance with health regulations.

For internships in the administrative departments of Université de Paris, please refer to the FAQ from the Human Resources and Organisations Department.

As of January 16th, 2021, a curfew applies from 18:00 pm to 6:00 am throughout the metropolitan France.

The travel certificate is not required during the day and to travel between regions, however it is mandatory to travel during the curfew from 18:00 pm to 6:00 am.

  • Fill out and download a travel waiver certificate on the website of the Ministry of the Interior or write this certificate on blank paper. The reason to tick (or copy) is “Travel between home and the place of work or an educational or training institution, business trips that cannot be postponed, travel for a competition or an exam”
  • you must provide proof of  identity and have an ID
  • you must provide a receipt from the host structure, allowing you to prove that the trip in question falls within one of the cases of authorized access.






Internship abroad

Can I do an internship abroad? updated 01/02/2021

European Union :
It is strongly discouraged to consider an internship. It is necessary, as a priority, to get in touch with the internship referent of the component of attachment.

Outside the European Union:
Internships abroad outside the European Union scheduled for the second semester are suspended, postponed or cancelled until further notice.

Students currently on internships outside of metropolitan France may stay in their host country and must comply with the health regulations of the country where they reside.

> For more information, go to the website Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs


Can an internship agreement be undertaken with a host organization located both in and outside the EU if it is done 100% on a remote basis?

It is mandatory to specify the following information in the item “Special provisions” of the internship agreement: The internship will only take place remotely at the address (specify the address where the activities of the internship will take place remotely, e.g.: home address, parents’ address, …); no travel will be allowed. In the event that changes should occur with respect to the initial internship agreement, an amendment will be required.

Internship procedures

You are on an internship or you have signed an agreement without having started your internship during the lockdown: if a change in the organisation of your internship is required, how is this change done contractually?

An amendment should be drawn up which, exceptionally and in view of the situation, may be signed and transmitted electronically or scanned.  In the case of a remote internship, the intern who continues at home must remain under the control of the host organisation, comply with the conditions of the internship agreement, the amendment and pursue to the best possible extent, the assignment entrusted to him.

Download the amendment to the Internship agreement

Note: in case of travel to the internship location you must:

  • Fill out and download the certificate of exceptional travel which can be found online on the Ministry of the Interior website or write a certificate on a blank piece of paper.(english version attestation-de-deplacement-derogatoire)
  • Check off (or copied) : “Commuting to and from work or a university or training facility, business travel that cannot be postponed, travel for a competition or examination”
  • Provide an identification card
  • Provide proof from the host organisation, allowing you to prove that the travel in question falls under one of the cases of authorised access.
The internship agreement, is it mandatory for internships which have not yet started?

Yes. It stipulates the commitments and responsibilities of the host organisation, the university and the student.

Without the internship agreement:

The host organisation puts themselves in an illegal position and can be prosecuted for undeclared work in the event of an inspection by the labour authorities.

The student has no legal existence under labour law, he is not covered for work related injuries /travel accident risk.

Which parties sign the internship agreement of amendment?

5 signatures are mandatory for signing the internship agreement and the amendment Reference: art D124-4 education code).

The signatures must come from:

  • the legal representative of the host organization (or its delegated representative)
  • the tutor indicated in the internship agreement
  • the student
  • the teacher-referee indicated on the practicum agreement
  • the president or his representative by delegation of signature of the institution of higher education

Given the circumstance due to the global pandemic, the signatures are authorised exceptionally by scan as from the moment the identity of the signatories is proven, in accordance with articles 1366 et seq. of the Civil Code.

I am on internship at home, does the stipend continue to be paid?

Where a stipend was foreseen, if the internship is pursued remotely, the stipend remains payable. If the host organisation is closed, there are several situations that will have to be settled by an amendment to the internship agreement:

  • Closure of the premises, but continuity of activities: If the internship allows it and if the parties agree, the internship may continue at home and a stipend must be paid. If the internship must be suspended, the stipend is suspended.
  • Closure of the premises and shut down of activities by the host organisation: The internship will be interrupted and the stipend will be suspended. E-mails or other means of communication should be encouraged to acknowledge this.

Please note the following: If discontinuance of disbursement of a stipend results in financial challenges you can apply for financial aid from Université de Paris.



When can I contact my academic advisor ?

The academic advisor will always maintain contact with his or her student and will verify that the student is still carrying out his or her assignment in conjunction with the host organisation. Students should address any questions related to the content of the internship to the academic advisor if the content does not seem to comply with the pedagogical specifications outlined in the internship agreement or if a particular problem arises with the host organisation.

Who should I contact if I find myself in a difficult health, medical or social situation as a result? updated 27 may

For any health-related questions: contact your supervisor in the host organisation.

For any medical-related questions: contact online medical prevention service

For social services: contact the social works at Crous de Paris by mail or on line

At the same time, in order to support its students and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in their daily lives, Université of Paris is putting in place exceptional measures of social aid for those whose financial situation is affected.  For more information


Note :
  • Internships are not employment contracts. Interns must not be employed nor replace employees. They are not part of business continuity plans, as they are not necessary for continuing operations.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students in health studies are not affected by these provisions.
  • Continuing education interns are not affected by these provisions.

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