The incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teacher-researchers and administrative staff are included under specific conditions. What steps do you need to take?

Students – Outgoing mobility – 2020/2021

Will I be able to leave on an international mobility as of September 2020?

Yes, study mobility is possible as of September 2020, under three conditions:

  • Your mobility project must be validated by your International Relations Office.
  • Your host institution must accept your mobility. (Please note that several institutions have chosen not to host a mobility in the 1st   semester 2020/2021, please make sure you enquire beforehand).
  • The authorities of the host country must authorize your arrival (issuance of a student visa for the countries concerned, or general and official information for the countries in the Schengen area).
    However, Université de Paris, like its partners, remains dependent on the current health situation. Depending how it evolves, the possibility of a cancellation of student mobility must be taken into consideration. We recommend that you keep yourself regularly abreast of the health situation and the reception conditions in your host country. If a mobility has to be suspended again, your International Relations Office will inform you as soon as possible.
I was supposed to go on mobility in the first semester of 2020/2021, but it was finally cancelled by my host university: what are my alternatives?

You have two alternatives:

Postponement: It is possible to request a postponement of your mobility to the 2nd half of the year 2020/2021. However, it is never automatic! To benefit from it, you must make a request to your international relations office (outgoing mobility coordinators). Your request for mobility postponement must also be accepted by the partner concerned.

A new application must be submitted for the following years: As always, applications must be addressed to your International Relations Office.

I have decided to keep or postpone my mobility project to semester 2 after the cancellation of semester 1: do I have any specific steps to take?

Once your international relations office has been notified, it will depend on the procedures of your host university. Some have decided to maintain mobility from the start of the academic year in September 2020, for others, the decision whether or not to maintain mobility has not yet been made. Do not hesitate to follow their updates regularly to stay informed. Your outgoing mobility contacts in your International Relations Office will also keep you informed of any developments that may affect your mobility.

Is it possible to apply for another destination when my host university (choice number 1) informs me that it is suspending all exchanges?

No. That’s not an option. To date, all deadlines for applications and submissions have passed.

Your International Relations Office is available to assist you in the postponement process, if this is possible, or of submitting a new application for subsequent years. However, the International Relations Office is not obliged to offer you an alternative mobility if your first mobility would be jeopardized.

I am going to an authorized country: can I start preparing my departure (booking flights, accommodation,)?

Yes, provided that you meet the 3 conditions required for your departure (authorisation from your international relations office, authorisation from your host university and obtaining the mandatory visas or an official green light from the authorities of the host country).

Do not neglect the following formalities! They are compulsory and must be carried out in priority:

Travel insurance or international insurance including civil liability and repatriation: Université de Paris cannot be held responsible for your repatriation expenses. This is why, the subscription to this type of insurance is mandatory, and must be made on your behalf with the insurer of your choice (Université de Paris does not have privileged partnerships in this field). It must cover the entire duration of your stay abroad.
A copy of your insurance certificate should be sent to your contact in your international relations office. Without it, no departure is possible
Supplementary health insurance: You must imperatively subscribe to a supplementary health insurance covering cases of pandemic (attention, this clause is generally not part of the standard insurance packages).

Will I be able to receive financial support for mobility during my stay abroad?

The requirements communicated by the funders of Université de Paris mobility aids are very clear. Virtual mobility (100% online courses) or semi-on site mobility (50% online courses / 50% on-site courses) will not be funded, with the exception of the Erasmus+ programme (see below). Only 100% physical mobility will be eligible for funding.
Please also bear in mind that physical mobility to countries at risk will not be funded.

I have to pay additional fees (e.g. student life) to confirm my acceptance at my host university, the deadline for this formality is approaching. Can I pay these fees today? If so, what happens if the mobility can no longer take place?

Yes, you can pay these fees if, and only if, you have already obtained a letter of acceptance from your host university.
If your departure is cancelled after you have already paid this fee, then you will need to contact your host university to find out how you can be refunded.

My host university imposes quarantine or lockdown. This represents unforeseen additional costs. Can I get financial support from Université de Paris?

No. If the local authorities and/or host universities impose quarantine or lockdown conditions upon entry, Université de Paris cannot in any way pay for the costs incurred, considering that you are leaving informed and in full knowledge of the facts.

Are semi-presential mobilities (e.g. 50% online courses / 50% on-site courses) recognised by the Erasmus+ programme?

Yes, semi-presential or hybrid mobility is recognised by the Erasmus+ programme. They have the same educational value as physical mobility.

What happens if a new lockdown period begins while I am mobile abroad?

Université de Paris, like its partners, remains dependent on the current health situation. The possibility of a new lockdown period is considered by specialists as being weak, but cannot be completely ruled out. In the event that a new lockdown period is announced, be proactive and reactive:

  • Sign up on Ariane to receive instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Contact your international relations office to report your situation and obtain information on what to do.
  • Contact your educational coordinator who will tell you how to follow up and validate your courses.
  • Notify the consular authorities closest to your place of residence.
  • Follow the instructions given in your host country and at your host university. If digital solutions are implemented, don’t neglect them, think about what happens afterwards.
  • Find out regularly about the health situation in your region.
  • Don’t be alone, keep in touch with your fellow students who are also mobile.

Guest researchers – incoming mobility – 2020/2021

I am a guest researcher and I have not yet visited Université de Paris. When can I come? updated on 2 sept

You will be able to come as of September 2020, if and only if the sanitary conditions in France allow it. Mobility will depend on the granting of a visa or residence permit. It is strongly recommended that foreign researchers, irrespective of the transportation mode undertaken to travel, present a negative COVID virological test (PCR) less than 72 hours old upon arrival in France (this test is not required for individuals coming from European Union member states). It is reminded that, regardless of the country of origin, the prefect with territorial jurisdiction may prescribe the quarantine or the placement and maintenance in isolation of persons presenting symptoms of Covid-19 infection on arrival.

What are the additional steps or requirements to be met in order to come to Université de Paris?

Université de Paris, like all higher education institutions in the world, is experiencing an unprecedented situation, mainly linked to the current health issue.
This is why, for security reasons, you are asked to take the following additional steps:

  • Insurance: Take out repatriation insurance with the insurance company of your choice. Université de Paris does not have privileged partnerships in this field and cannot be held responsible for your repatriation expenses.
  • Complementary health coverage: You must imperatively subscribe to a complementary health insurance covering cases of pandemic.
  • Transport: Book a train or plane ticket that can be modified and refunded. Special cases:
    • Université de Paris has purchased your plane ticket: the new plane ticket will be at the guest’s expense and will not be reimbursed by Université de Paris (only one return trip is reimbursed).
    • Université de Paris has granted you an advance: this advance will be counted towards the stay to be made.


I am a visiting researcher, I came to Université de Paris and I had to shorten my stay. Can I come back to finish the interrupted stay?

Yes, Université de Paris teams will be delighted to welcome you from September 2020! However, please note that additional steps and information will be taken into account:

  • You must complete the additional steps required of new arrivals (take out repatriation insurance, take out a complementary health insurance policy covering the case of a pandemic, and reserve a modifiable or refundable plane ticket).
  • The round trip will not be refunded by Université de Paris (Only the 1st round trip is refunded).
  • The amount of the per diem will be calculated on the balance of the exact number of days completed.
I am a visiting researcher, I came to Université de Paris and I had to shorten my stay. When can I receive the balance of my stay? updated on 2 sept

You can apply for it now if your stay is over and has not already been paid for. To do so, make sure that your request for a balance includes all the supporting documents requested.

I'm a visiting researcher, and I've decided to cancel my stay? What should I do?

You must confirm your cancellation with your contact for the mobility of guest researchers at Université de Paris. If you have received an advance payment, it will have to be reimbursed.

Staff – incoming and outgoing mobility – 2020/2021

Are the Erasmus+ ST (education or training) mobilities for 2020/2021 maintained?

Outgoing mobility will be allowed in 2020-2021 from the first half of the year under certain conditions.
Université de Paris reserves the right to cancel your mobility if one of the conditions listed below is not respected:

  • The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) must not have issued or issue a recommendation against outgoing or incoming mobility at the time of your departure.
  • The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) should not consider the destination or the country of origin as a risk area, especially with regard to infection with CA-SARS-Cov2.
  • The host universities must have maintained their offer of residence.
  • Staff must take out repatriation insurance. Université de Paris is not responsible for paying repatriation expenses.
  • Staff must subscribe to a complementary health insurance covering the case of pandemics.

Please note: If local authorities and host universities impose quarantine or lockdown conditions on entry, Université de Paris can in no way cover the costs incurred.
It is also strongly recommended to book an air or train ticket that can be modified

We invite you to regularly check your emails, as well as the website and social media of Université de Paris.
For more information on the coronavirus, the situation in France, the health guidelines : click here
In case of Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever over 38°, aches and pains…), contact your doctor by phone.
For more information on authorized destinations, visit the website Ministry of Foreign Affairs
For information on quarantine destinations, click here

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