Teaching, library services, and exams can continue to take place in the classroom in strict compliance with sanitary conditions and without any special requirements. Everything you need to know is outlined in this FAQ and updated regularly as the health crisis evolves.

This FAQ will be updated on a regular basis as the situation evolves.

Access on-site campus

Is a health pass required to attend university? updated 02.02.22

The health pass is not required for university students in the context of teaching activities or professional activities (internships, work-study…).

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What are the applicable health guidelines on Université Paris Cité premises? Updated 02.02.22

Although the current situation does not justify any new restrictions particularly as it pertains to teaching, tests and exams, it does, however, call for the utmost vigilance on the part of everyone and compliance with the aforementioned health recommendations:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory indoors and outdoors (failure to comply with this requirement may result in sanctions up to and including exclusion)
  • maintaining a minimum physical distance of 1 meter in traffic areas and during breaks, and 2 meters in areas where masks must be worn (restaurants, cafés, cigarettes).
  • Implementation of sanitary measures (frequent hand washing, ventilation of rooms, etc.)

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Instructional activities

What are the guidelines regarding internships ?
I'm on a work-study program, how does it work?

If you are on an apprenticeship contract or a vocational training contract, you should contact the company to find out about the organizational procedures, particularly for working remotely.

Your courses are given online, except in special cases of certain practical exercises.


Work-study programs are subject to the following rules:

  • for academic portion: remote learning, except when the practical nature of the teaching requires in-person teaching*, and when the university is on the list drawn up by the rector (under development).
  • for the professional portion: remote working except when the activity cannot be carried out remotely*.
Is the vaccination pass required for participants in thesis, internship or exam juries? Updated 02.02.2022

Participation in a jury, whether it be as a candidate, jury member or member of the audience, is not subject to vaccination pass control.

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s announcements, social events organised following participation in a jury that can be held as of 16th of February in strict compliance with the social and physical distancing guidelines.

How will the courses continue ?

Your academic advisors will suggest and inform you of the pedagogical procedures that will allow you to follow your lectures and tutorials online.

Certain practical exercises and professional teaching requiring specialized equipment, the list of which is drawn up by the Academy rector, may be held in person with a travel authorization issued by the person in charge of your training. Here again, your academic advisor of your school will contact you.

If you do not have the digital tools to access the facilities that will be made available to you, please contact your academic advisor.

What are the new isolation guidelines? Updated 03.01.22

As of January 3, 2022, the isolation rules are the same for individuals who are positive regardless of the variant (Delta or Omicron).

For positive individuals having a completed vaccination scheme (booster performed according to health pass requirements) and for children under 12 years old.

Isolation is now for seven full days after the date of onset of signs or the date of the positive test. However, after 5 days, the positive individual may be released from isolation under two conditions:

  • an antigenic test (TAG) is performed or RTPCR and the result is negative
  • the person has no clinical signs of infection for 48 hours

If the test result is positive or if the individual does not perform a test, the isolation is maintained for 7 days. The person does not perform a second test at D7.

For positive individuals with an incomplete vaccination schedule (booster not done) and for non-vaccinated individuals

Isolation is for 10 full days after the date of onset of signs or the date of the positive test result. However, after 7 days, the positive person may be released from isolation under two conditions:

  • an antigenic test (TAG) is performed or RTPCR and the result is negative
  • the person has no clinical signs of infection for 48 hours

If the test is positive or if the person does not perform a test, the isolation is for 10 days.

What are the new quarantine guidelines for contact cases? Updated 03.01.22

For case-contact individuals with a complete vaccination schedule (booster carried out in accordance with health pass requirements)

There is no longer a quarantine, however, case contacts should strictly comply with sanitary measures, including wearing masks both indoors and outdoors, physical distancing, avoiding contact with individuals at risk of severe Covid, and working remotely whenever possible.

In addition, case contacts should perform a TAG or RT-PCR test as soon as they learn that they are a case contact, and then perform self-tests at D2 and D4 after the last contact with the positive person.

If the self-test is positive, the result must be confirmed by a TAG or RT-PCR test. If the test is positive, the individual becomes a case and starts isolation process.

Self-tests, which are part of the screening scheme for case-contact individuals (for persons with a complete vaccination schedule and children under 12 years of age), will be paid for by the health insurance and provided free of charge in pharmacies after the test has been performed on the day the individual is identified as a case-contact.

Social and Health Services

Medical or psychological counselling, who do I talk to and how can I make an appointment? Updated 02.02.22

Consultations with general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, gynaecologists and arrangements for the disabled are provided in person or remotely.

You can make an appointment with SIUMPPS via Doctolib with the practitioner of your choice. You can choose to make an appointment in-person or remotely.  Read more

Note: The Mayor of Paris office provides on a permanent basis psychological support on line for students. Read more >

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I feel lonely. How can I interact with other students ?

Our partner Nightline offers you the opportunity to exchange with students by chat or phone on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 9:00 pm to 2:30 am.

> For more information Nightline Paris

Nightline has opened the website www.soutien-etudiant.info which makes available counselling and psychological support resources as well as advice on how to best manage the lockdown. Some sections are specifically dedicated to medical students.

Note: Informal contacts, exchanges with your tutors and the involvement of student organizations are possible. Student association directory >

I am a student with a disability and I need support. to whom can I contact ?

The unit for students with disabilities is available via email : relais-grandsmoulins@u-paris.fr and relais-odeon@u-paris.fr

We encourage students with disabilities to check regularly the French Government website.

Who can provide information on residence permit applications?

The Student Life Department is available by e-mail:

Read more : Residency permit renewal for international students

Can I receive social or medical assistance?

Yes, in the continuity of the actions to support students during the lockdown, Université Paris Cité is continuing its efforts in terms of social support, prevention and access to healthcare.

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> Financial support
> Health and prevention


Are digital tools available?

In order to for students to follow their studies in optimal conditions, Université Paris Cité offers computers on loan to those with digital challenges, subject to resource availability

For more information > Digital tools for students

Student Life and Associations

What health regulations apply in libraries?

There are no longer any time limits or capacity restrictions in the libraries. Access to group work spaces is possible in some libraries.

Specific guidelines continue to apply:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory as in all Université Paris Cité premises
  • Respect physical distancing whenver possible.
  • Washing hands frequently. Hand sanitizer is available
  • Regular air flow in spaces
  • Virucidal solution is available from the staff for cleaning tables and keyboards
  • Eating is not allowed in any of spaces

Library Guidelines

What health guidelines apply to physical activities and sports? Updated 02.02.22

Practicing of physical sports activities are subject to presenting a vaccination pass and respecting the health protocols in force.

General instructions*:

  • Presentation of the vaccination is compulsory at the beginning of each class
  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets are accessible (if sanitary conditions permit)
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in circulation areas
  • Respect physical distancing whenever possible
  • Washing hands regularly is required
  • Respect the flow of direction 

 Find out more, website sports Université Paris Cité 

* For the sports facilities at Université Paris Cité. For our partners’ facilities, please refer to local regulations.

Guidelines for physical, sporting and artistic activities

Are university restaurants subject to specific requirements?

University restaurants are no longer subject to capacity limits. They are accessible in compliance with sanitary guidelines currently in place (hygiene and ventilation rules, wearing of masks while in waiting lines, etc.).

Festive gatherings will continue to be suspended until the end of January.

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Note: The €1 meal will be renewed as of August 31, 2021, only for scholarship students and non-scholarship students in precarious situations (details to follow).


Are gatherings and festive events permitted ? updated 02.02.22

The organisation of festive or social events (irrespective of its nature) is possible from 16 February onwards, provided that the social and physical distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Are there any specific instructions for accessing the Crous university dormitories?

The health pass is not required for access to university dormitories.

CALENDAR and Instructional Organisation

We recommend that you check your emails regularly, as well as the website and Université Paris Cité on social media.
For information on the coronavirus, the situation in France, health instructions: click here.
In case of symptoms Covid-19 (cough, fever over 38 °, aches …), call your doctor.

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