As of February 1, 2021, the reception of students for all cycles is authorized on an appointment basis for all types of instruction, a minimum of one day per week, within the limit of 20% of the daily capacity of the sites, campuses or buildings of Université de Paris and of 50% of the nominal capacity of the classrooms. Everything you need to know is outlined below.


This FAQ will be updated on a regular basis as the situation evolves.

Access on-site campus

Is access authorised for users within the buildings and services at Université de Paris?

User’s access is possible under restrictive conditions, namely :

  • to particpate in practical exercises which cannot be given remotely within the limit of 50% of the capacity (upon an invitation from a teacher)
  • to work in a research laboratory for doctoral students (subject to authorisation from the unit director)
  • upon appointment in libraries and documentation centers, respecting a capacity intake limited to 50%. The plan is currently under study. The details will be communicated at a later stage.
  • Upon appointment or an invitation from the administrative services
  • to access preventive medicine and health services, social services and social activities organized by the university or student associations
  • to work in equipped classrooms allowing those students who do not have digital tools or connection to follow distance learning courses.

We ask that you check regularly your emails and follow Université de Paris on social media.

Note : Students that are susceptible to come on-campus for one of the reasons outlined above must :

  • Fill out and download the exemption certificate during lockdown issued on the Ministry of Interior website or write the certificate on a blank piece of paper.
  • Check off (or copied) : “Commuting to and from work or a university or training facility, business travel that cannot be postponed, travel for a competition or examination”
  • Provide an identification card
  • Provide proof from the host organisation, allowing you to prove that the travel in question falls under one of the cases of authorised access.
Are university libraries open ?

A reservation system has been set up to allow access to university libraries on appointment basis:

BU by appointment >

All outstanding loans are automatically extended until January 15. Users do not have to do anything.

For more information: All electronic documentation (online journals, ebooks, databases, etc.) remains accessible remotely 24/7

Read more >  

Are sporting facilities on campus closed ?

Yes, as well as those of our partners.

Only the facilities dedicated to the UFR STAPS remain open.

The sports classes in person offered by Université de Paris Sports Department are suspended until further notice.

To find out how to follow courses in the free EU, see the question “Do the courses offered by the sports department continue” in the section below: Your studies, your curriculum.

Instructional activities

How will the courses continue ?

Your academic advisors will suggest and inform you of the pedagogical procedures that will allow you to follow your lectures and tutorials online.

Certain practical exercises and professional teaching requiring specialized equipment, the list of which is drawn up by the Academy rector, may be held in person with a travel authorization issued by the person in charge of your training. Here again, your academic advisor of your school will contact you.

If you do not have the digital tools to access the facilities that will be made available to you, please contact your academic advisor.

What are the guidelines regarding internships ?
I'm on a work-study program, how does it work?

If you are on an apprenticeship contract or a vocational training contract, you should contact the company to find out about the organizational procedures, particularly for working remotely.

Your courses are given online, except in special cases of certain practical exercises.


Work-study programs are subject to the following rules:

  • for academic portion: remote learning, except when the practical nature of the teaching requires in-person teaching*, and when the university is on the list drawn up by the rector (under development).
  • for the professional portion: remote working except when the activity cannot be carried out remotely*.
Are Erasmus+ programs and internships cancelled?

Read the FAQ Student Mobility (soon available)

Are any exams, entrance exams, or thesis defense that were planned cancelled / postponed?

Exams and entrance exams can be held, with a tightened sanitary protocol, under the provision of a travel authorization issued by the person in charge of your program.

However, Université de Paris will limit in-person exams to the strict minimum, while preferring, whenever possible, to be administered remotely.

Thesis defense is authorized remotely both for the PhD and the HDR.

Are the courses offered by the sports department continuing?

Students enrolled in UE Sports will be contacted by e-mail by their teacher to inform them of the instructional follow-up procedures.

Université de Paris sports services offers everyone the opportunity to keep in shape during the lockdown:




Social and Health Services

Are digital tools available?

In order to for students to follow their studies in optimal conditions, Université de Paris offers computers on loan to those with digital challenges, subject to resource availability

For more information > Digital tools for students

I am experiencing financial challenges due to the lockdown, Who can I contact ?

We encourage you to contact the social workers of the CROUS de Paris on line

In order to support its students, Université de Paris provides social assistance to those whose financial situation is affected.

Find out more >

Is the CROUS* social criteria grant still paid out during the closure of my school?

Yes. On exceptional basis and in the context of pedagogical continuity provided by the institution, you will not be in a position of poor attendance.


  • At the beginning of December 2020, each recipient of a scholarship will receive an exceptional grant of 150 euros along with his or her regular scholarship payment.
  • If the student so requests, the scholarship entitlements may be reviewed and recalculated on the basis of the student’s 2020 income and not the 2018 income initially withheld.
Will the other financial aid still be paid out?

Yes. There are no changes.


  • Rent increases in dormitories have been frozen until January 1, 2021. This rent freeze continues until September 1, 2021.
  • The CROUS provides social assistance. Read more >
  • Université de Paris offers the possibility to request financial aid. Read more >
  • The Mayor of Paris office also provides social assistance Read more >
  • A grant of 150€ will be paid to scholarship students at the beginning of December, along with their usual monthly payment via the CAF. There are no steps to be taken to receive it. Read more >


Medical or psychological counselling, who do I talk to and how can I make an appointment?

During the lockdown, the student health services remain open. Consultations with general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, gynaecologists and arrangements for the disabled are provided in person or remotely.

You can make an appointment with SIUMPPS via Doctolib with the practitioner of your choice. You can choose to make an appointment in-person or remotely.

Note: The Mayor of Paris office provides on a permanent basis psychological support on line for students. Read more >

How can I contact the CROUS* social services during the lockdown ?

Contact with a social worker can be done on-line.

I am a student with a disability and I need support. to whom can I contact ?

The unit for students with disabilities is available via email : and

We encourage students with disabilities to check regularly the French Government website.

I feel lonely. How can I interact with other students ?

Our partner Nightline offers you the opportunity to exchange with students by chat or phone on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 9:00 pm to 2:30 am.

> For more information Nightline Paris

Nightline has opened the website which makes available counselling and psychological support resources as well as advice on how to best manage the lockdown. Some sections are specifically dedicated to medical students.

Note: Informal contacts, exchanges with your tutors and the involvement of student organizations are possible. Student association directory >

International students

Who can provide information about applying for a residence permit or social assistance?

The Student Life department is available via email during the lockdown:

I have a residency permit or a visa which will soon expire. What should I do ?

The prefecture’s offices remain open during the lockdown.

Read more > Request for residency permit or renewal for international students

Student Life and Associations

Are the university restaurants* (Resto'U) closed?

Only take-out is maintained in the Restos U. Students can go to seven cafeterias :

  • Halle aux Farines
  • Cafétéria des Saints-Pères
  • Cafétéria Cochin
  • Cafétéria Pharmacie
  • Cafétéria Necker
  • Cafétéria Boulogne
  • Cafétéria Malakoff

and three university restaurants :

  • Halle-aux-Farines
  • IUT Paris Val-de-Seine
  • Mabillon

For take-out only. For more information > Crous : take-out locations

Remember to download and fill out the exemption certificate issued on the Ministry of Interior website or write the certificate on a blank piece of paper. Tick off ” travel to make purchases (…) of basic necessities”.

Note :  Scholarship students can enjoy the meal for 1 euro!

Follow, in real time, information provided by the CROUS > Find out more


Are the university dormitories* closed?

No. CROUS continues to welcome students in their residences.

Work spaces equipped with computer equipment or internet access are open by appointment, in compliance with heath guidelines. They are intended, as a priority, for students who do not have the equipment or internet connection needed to do distance learning.

Can I get a refund for tickets purchased at the Culture Department?

If you purchased tickets for a performance in November, please keep them.

The cultural department will write to you shortly to offer you a postponement when possible or a refund.

Find out more >

How can I find out the status of my request for support for associative projects?

The Association department remains available via mail for all your questions.

Two commissions for associative projects, including an exceptional one for solidarity projects, are scheduled.

Find out more >

Can associative social activities be organized on campus?

Like the university health and social services, the social activities of the associations will play a major role in accompanying students during the coming weeks. Therefore, only social and solidarity actions can be organized, with the approval Université de Paris Presidency.

Contact the department associative life if you would like to put a project in place on campus.

* To follow the CROUS and get updated information  : click here

We recommend that you check your emails regularly, as well as the website and Université de Paris on social media.
For information on the coronavirus, the situation in France, health instructions: click here.
In case of symptoms Covid-19 (cough, fever over 38 °, aches …), call your doctor.

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