Are you a Université Paris Cité student or a young graduate? Got an idea for creating or taking over a company ? Are you wondering what to do next to move forward with this project? The National Student-Entrepreneur Status is for you!

The National Student-Entrepreneur Status granted by the PÉPITE Student Cluster for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship gives students and young graduates a chance to develop and test their project with the POP Professional Development and Guidance Department and PEPITE CREAJ IDF. People outside of the training programme can acquire this status by means of the Student Entrepreneur University Degree (D2E). A Baccalaureat or equivalent level is the only condition for the degree course required to register for the Student Entrepreneur Degree.

Université Paris Cité is a member of the Pépite CréaJ IDF. The goal of the Pépite CréaJ IDF is to raise awareness and train students in entrepreneurship and provide them with support for the development of their projects.

If you would like to obtain the National Student-Entrepreneur Status for the university year 2022-2023 and avail of the POP’s and the Pepite Creaj-IDF’s specific individual guidance, please get in touch with your entrepreneurship advisers Edwige Quéruel ( and Nicolas Loménie (entrepreneurship project officer) for a remote interview, and then submit your application before the June 15, 2022, using the following link:

If several of you are working on the same project, you should send one application per person.

Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit!

For information:



POP Professional Development and Guidance Department

Campus des Grands Moulins
Bâtiment des Grands Moulins – Aile C – RDC
10 Esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet Paris 13e
Collaborative workspace (15 places), by appointment


With regard to the current health recommendations in France, you are required to wear a face mask within the department. The number of users is limited to 10 in the reception and documentation room.

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