On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the QUBIC Observatory was inaugurated in Argentina. Located in Alto Chorrilos, at an altitude of 5000m, this observatory will make it possible to observe the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and in particular the polarization of its B modes.

Were present for this inauguration the main actors of this project: the Argentine national and provincial authorities, many members of the teams of the international collaboration QUBIC including those of the APC.

Our laboratory was represented by Jean-Christophe Hamilton (spokesperson for the QUBIC collaboration), Antoine Kouchner and Florence Ardellier (management team), Michel Piat (QUBIC Instrument Scientist), Fabrice Voisin and Damien Prêle (development of cryogenic electronics), Steve Torchinsky (Calibration manager and vice-operation manager) Stéphane Dheilly (mechanical manufacturing), Pierre Chanial (data analysis), Mathias Régnier (PhD student).

The instrument will be cooled and put into service in the coming weeks, before taking data on the sky. During this data collection an increase in the sensitivity of the instrument will be prepared (addition of bolometric detectors).
A selection of some moments of this day