The application campaign to join the EISD opens according to the following schedule:

For specialties under student status (Materials and Nanotechnologies, Physical Engineering and Embedded Computer Systems) from 1 April to 23 June 2024.

For specialties under Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering learning status (subject to Cti accreditation) from 1 March to 23 June 2024.

Bachelor’s degree 2, license 3 and IUT students as well as students of the preparatory cycle of Université Paris Cité are invited to connect to the e-candidate application to apply.


School fees:

  • 601 € + CVEC per year, variable fees depending on social criteria.

Specific Admission Requirements:

Students of CPGE : e3a-Polytech

Recruitment to the first year of the engineering cycle (bac + 3) for students of the “classe préparatoires” (CPGE) is done via the e3a-Polytech competitive entrance exam. Each year, EIDD offers 15 places in each of the three following pathways of the competitive exam: MP, PC and PSI.

Find all the information you need about registering for the competitive entrance exam, the tests and the schedule on the e3a-Polytech website

Students of CUPGE

Students from the preparatory cycle of Université Paris Cité (CUPGE), who have validated 120 ECTS, can apply for the first year at EIDD.

Registration is based on an administrative procedure, followed by an application file and an interview.

More information on the CUPGE

e-candidat platform

European scientific students at Bac +2 and Bac +3 level: E-candidate

EIDD recruits students who have completed a 2nd or 3rd year scientific bachelor’s degree (L2 or L3) and students with a DUT in physics or computer science for entry into the 1st year of the engineering cycle (bac + 3).

Admission is based on an application file and an interview.

Applications are made exclusively online via the e-candidat application.

Non-European scientific students at Bac +2 level: CEF

For non-European scientific students (Bac+2), applications are made on the Campus France website.

All information is available on the Campus France website

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Scrabble at the EIDD: a great success!

Scrabble at the EIDD: a great success!

In this academic year 2023-2024, a new activity was born: Scrabble Duplicate. Open to all students and university staff Paris-Cité, this activity, funded by the Denis-Diderot engineering school and proposed by Jérémy Arki (English teacher at UPC and passionate about...