Back in pictures on the educational outing of the EIDD students around the discovery of a guided tour by an expert on the history and practice of street art and graffiti and a conceptual introduction to the development of graffiti (realization of a mural). Thanks to our students Liu Yan and Ahmed Bedaa for their visual production of this visit.

Feel free to watch the souvenir film of this event via the EIDD linkedin

“The exceptional day organized by EIDD (École d’Ingénieur Denis Diderot) began with an exciting
preparatory course on street art. This course was designed to provide students with a solid understanding of street art, not only in France but also in the context of English-speaking countries. The course explored street art across different cultures, highlighting how it reflects strong social and political messages.
Students learned how, from the streets of London to the alleys of Melbourne, street art serves as a means of expression for diverse communities, addressing themes from social justice to ecology.
This introduction enabled students to understand street art not only as an art form but as a universal
language transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.
The 13th arrondissement of Paris, known for its dynamic atmosphere and colorful murals, recently
hosted a unique educational experience for students from Université Paris Cité. Divided into linguistic
groups – American, English, and Australian – the students had the opportunity to delve into street art
The day began with an interactive course on street art, highlighting its importance as a means of cultural
and social expression. Immersed in a friendly atmosphere, students learned to appreciate street art not
just as an art form, but also as a mirror of society.
At the heart of this experience, the works of several renowned street artists were explored. ROA, known
for his skeletal animal creations, captivated attention with an impressive cat, created over five days with
the city’s permission. Stool, with his colorful origamis and dynamic movements, offered a different
perspective, as did Jodibona with his colorful children’s works.
As we wandered through the alleys of the 13th arrondissement, each painted wall told a story, each
graffiti reflected an emotion. Ludovic Jeradie, with his works in shades of blue, captured the essence of
calm and serenity. Bordalo, with his giant lizard, evoked environmental issues, while Emyart fascinated
with his Egyptian cat, Nounoukhamon, a striking blend of the ancient and contemporary.
The guide, passionate about her profession, shared her enthusiasm to introduce young people to street
art. She considers this art form an essential means for students to express themselves and understand the world around them.
One of the most captivating aspects of this excursion was discovering how street art can transform an
urban space into an open-air museum. Each work observed was a pretext to discuss various themes such as history, politics, the environment, and cultural diversity.
Among the students, excitement was palpable. “It was amazing to see how street art can transform a
neighborhood,” shares Eva, a 3rd-year student in Materials and Nanotechnology. Sokhna, a 3rd-year
student in Physical Engineering, adds: “This visit opened my eyes to how art can reflect the social
concerns of a community.”
Asked about her experience, a professor, Ms. Laredo, expressed her surprise and admiration for the
diversity and depth of the works presented. She was particularly struck by the emotional power of ROA’s
cat, a work she won’t soon forget. This visit also changed her perception of graffiti, making her
appreciate the ephemeral nature of this art.
The highlight of the day was the street art creation activity. Armed with spray paint, students collaborated
to create a mural, guided by the guide and inspired by the visited artists. This moment of collective
creativity strengthened the bonds between students, allowing them to express their individuality while
contributing to a collective work.

“I never imagined I could participate in creating a street art piece!”, exclaims Rhéa, a 3rd-year student
in Materials and Nanotechnology. For Annaelle, a 3rd-year student in Materials and Nanotechnology,
“this experience exceeded all my expectations. I feel more connected to the urban culture of Paris.”
The day was also enriched by impromptu encounters with local artists. Some, in the midst of work,
shared their techniques and artistic vision, offering students a rare glimpse into the creative process
behind street art. These spontaneous interactions added a layer of authenticity and personal engagement
to the experience.
This outing offered a unique perspective on the potential of art in public space. Students not only
appreciated the aesthetic aspect of street art but also understood its role as a means of political and social
Furthermore, this day was not just a journey into the world of street art, but also an opportunity for
students and teachers to connect outside the traditional academic setting. The shared experience fostered
mutual understanding and increased respect between the two groups.
EIDD stands out as an institution where learning goes beyond traditional classrooms. This educational
outing is a perfect example. By offering an immersive experience in street art, the school encourages its
students to explore, understand, and appreciate urban culture and art in all its forms.
EIDD invites future students passionate about art, culture, and design to join its dynamic and innovative
program. By joining EIDD, you will have the opportunity to participate in unique educational activities,
develop a global and inclusive vision of art and culture, and connect with a community of like-minded
students and professionals.
In summary, this day dedicated to street art was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on
students and teaching staff with the beauty and complexity of this urban art. “A journey through art and
culture, an unforgettable experience,” joyfully summarizes Naima, a student in materials and
nanotechnology, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of this exceptional day.
More than just a visit, this educational experience enriched everyone’s understanding of the crucial role
of street art in expressing cultural and social identities. It reinforced the sense of community within the
school, leaving indelible memories. The students, inspired and satisfied, ended the day with a deep
appreciation for street art, taking with them not only knowledge but also inspirations for their own
creative and educational development.
“It was more than just an outing, it was a window opened onto a world of expression and creativity that
I did not know,” sums up Rayan, a student in materials and nanotechnology, reflecting the enriched and
enthusiastic spirit of all participants.
Join EIDD for a transformative educational experience, where art meets innovation and every day
is an adventure towards new discoveries