In this academic year 2023-2024, a new activity was born: Scrabble Duplicate. Open to all students and university staff Paris-Cité, this activity, funded by the Denis-Diderot engineering school and proposed by Jérémy Arki (English teacher at UPC and passionate about French Scrabble), took place weekly at a rate of two hours every Wednesday at the meridian break. This was an opportunity for the thirty people who tried it during the year, to consolidate their knowledge of French, to work on their vision and mental calculation skills, and especially to socialize independently of the status of each. In the last session, a tournament in real conditions took place; it was won by Joachim Kpayedo, ahead of Meya Akotiale and Fayna Mammeri (photo). Next year, the activity will be repeated at the same times (12h-14h) on Wednesday. We hope to see new followers!


Meya Akotiale, first-year EIDD student:
“I enjoyed playing a brain sport that forces me to think differently, that makes me reconnect with words, and all in a good mood and good company! It also made me play with my entourage. I did some scrabble with my mom and my cousins, and it made us have this extra activity between us.”

Fayna Mammeri, EIDD Director of Studies:
“I enjoyed taking two hours for myself each week, being focused on one thing without being disturbed, practicing a “brain sport”, enriching myself in more ways than one in the continuity of my teachings, and all this, in joy and good humor, without distinction étu-prof-admin! Real life!”

Isabelle Lambert, EIDD Administrative Officer:
“A pleasant moment to learn how to improve your Scrabble skills in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Do not hesitate… come and play with us 😊