EIDD Talents by Jobteaser

Three internships are programmed into the 3-year study period. Each internship is followed by a report written  by the student-engineer.

The school assists students by collecting numerous internship and job offers which are then made available to them.

To apply for an internship or job offer, go to the EIDD Talents by Jobteaser

  1. The “worker internship”: 4 weeks in the summer at the end of the first year of the school. The objective of this first internship is to have a first contact with the business world.
  2. The “personal initiative” internship: 2 to 3 months between June and September at the end of the second year. This internship must be carried out in a field related to the chosen specialty. It may be carried out in a research laboratory.
  3. The “engineer or end-of-study” internship: 6 months from the end of February of the third year. This internship places the future engineer in a company. The tasks and subject must be approved by the head of the chosen specialty.

The end of each internship gives rise to a written report followed by a public presentation.

Internship agreements