“Ingénieuses’21” shines a light on the fight against gender stereotypes in engineering schools. A group of female students from EIDD is participating in the competition with their enSHEneering project.

Created in 2011 by the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools (CDEFI), “Ingénieuses” aims to reward female students who participate in projects or are members of associations fighting for gender diversity in professions and training. It is a national communication operation aimed at encouraging young girls to consider a career in engineering.


Aware of the challenges linked to gender equality

 A group of female students from EIDD — Meriem Hanablia (student engineer in Materials and Nanotechnologies), Bruna Rodriguez (student engineer in Materials and Nanotechnologies), Oumaya Satouri (student engineer in Embedded Computing Systems) and Pritie Sougoumar (student engineer in Embedded Computing Systems) — put together a candidate project for the 2021 “Ingénieuses” competition. In order to encourage young girls to become engineers and to fight against preconceived ideas and gender stereotypes, the enSHEneering project targets pupils from secondary school onwards.


An innovative project

 The team’s ambition is to implement a series of science popularisation workshops in various secondary schools in Ile de France. From a young age, schoolgirls will be made aware of the engineering profession and will be able to project themselves towards a profession that they know is open to women. In favour of equality, EnSHEneering opens its workshops to all pupils in the participating classes and bans “positive discrimination”. Thus, the pupils will benefit from presentations of simple experiments; from testimonies of young women evolving in the world of engineering and from school trips to laboratories and companies during which the pupils will discover engineering and research professions.


For more information, please visit the enSHEneering website (website coming soon)

Contact : ensheneering@outlook.fr

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Elève-Ingénieure en Matériaux & Nanotechnologies

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