Thursday, December 1, 2022, in the Buffon amphitheater took place the graduation ceremony for the 74 engineering students of EIDD. The opportunity to celebrate the end of the engineering cycle for our students and an important step in professional life for each of them. Graduates very well integrated because nearly 70% of them are currently CDI/CDD/Thesis and 5% continuing their studies) in large companies such as Thales, Safran, Orange, Vinci Energies, Sopra Steria, XFab, CGI, Cap Gémini, Hermes, St Microelectronics, Segula, Voluntis, Solutec and many others. Some testimonials:
Roshan, engineer in Engineering Physics, “Today is a chapter of our life that is closing, another that is opening. I am aware that we have been armed and trained in such a way as to face all the challenges ahead with peace of mind. I hope we will work to make this world a little better in our own way. Remember that passion and dreams are like time, nothing can stop them”
Shuvo, engineer in embedded computer systems confides in his career “Of Bangladeshi origin and non-French speaking when I arrived at school, I was the only one in my specialty to learn French at the age of 19. The success of my higher education in France was not easy due to the language barrier. Without the help of my classmates and teachers, it would never have been possible for me to successfully complete my engineering degree. I am very grateful to them”.
Lilly, a graduate in Biological Engineering, talks about her mobility: “Last year I did an Erasmus in Romania at the University of Timisoara. This year I did my end-of-studies internship at the University of Honk Kong. Thanks to EIDD, I have met some really wonderful people, some of whom have become friends. I also acquired multiple skills in bioinformatics which are highly sought after in companies and also in universities, which allowed me to get a job in a short time and above all a job that interests me”.
Insertion statistics :
Congratulations to all our graduates, we are proud of you.
Angela Vasanelli, Director of the engineering school.