Soft skills (core curriculum)

In addition to acquiring technical competency in systems-oriented engineering, our students develop their soft skills through many courses offered in the core curriculum. Just like the hard sciences, soft skills are now recognized as having a major importance in professional engineering companies.


From their first weeks at EIDD, our students learn to develop their soft skills. The subjects common to all the specialties refine their scientific culture. Some of these classes are designed to introduce them to the issues and skills they need to be successful in their professional lives.

During these human relations courses, professors and outside lecturers teach EIDD students about the internal operations of a company. Some instructors introduce our students to verbal and non-verbal communication and team leadership skills. Other instructors give them a better understanding of the tasks carried out by engineers in specific types of businesses (presentations made by engineers from companies related to the specialties we offer).

Following these presentations, our students participate in role-playing games where they become key players in a company (manager, HR director, R&D director, etc.). They also put their soft skills to practice during a number of end-of-project oral presentations throughout their studies.

Professors and speakers: Thierry Lorioux, Gérard Rousset, Tamara Milosevic, Agnès Grisard, Dahmane Dairi, Véronique Giuliani-Piat, Katherine Ragon-Mancet, Marie-Charlotte Dragassi, Christian Drochon and Meriem Aïzi.

Themes of the courses followed by our students:

  • Business
  • Professional and Personal Project (running through all 3 years of training)
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Quality approach and environment of the engineering profession
  • Cross-disciplinary project (collaboration of engineering students from different specialties)
  • Business strategy
  • Business creation workshop

Structure of the EIDD courses (ECTS) (53KB)

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