Submission of an internship offer

Three internships are programmed into the 3-year study period. Each internship is followed by a report written  by the student-engineer.

The school assists students by collecting numerous internship and job offers which are then made available to them.

To post an internship or a job offer, go to Jobteaser Entreprises

  1. The “worker internship”: 4 weeks in the summer at the end of the first year of the school. The objective of this first internship is to have a first contact with the business world.
  2. The “personal initiative” internship: 2 to 3 months between June and September at the end of the second year. This internship must be carried out in a field related to the chosen specialty. It may be carried out in a research laboratory.
  3. The “engineer or end-of-study” internship: 6 months from the end of February of the third year. This internship places the future engineer in a company. The tasks and subject must be approved by the head of the chosen specialty.

The end of each internship gives rise to a written report followed by a public presentation.

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