The Quality monitoring at EIDD

EIDD is the internal engineering school of Université Paris Cité. It is an inclusive school, open to the city, with a human dimension, particularly attentive to its students and working to ensure their success.

This school aims to train general engineers who master the use of advanced technologies and their implementation in complex systems.

Since its creation, EIDD has initiated a quality approach, supervised by the quality steering committee, whose objective, centered on training, is to optimise its operations to satisfy all interested parties, namely staff, students, partners, and supervisory bodies. This approach has two components: the first focuses on external quality assurance, by complying with the quality requirements of organisations external to EIDD, in particular the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI), which is responsible for the accreditation of engineering training courses; and the second aims to deploy the internal quality approach, steered by the Management Committee.

External quality procedure:

CTI accreditation

The CTI and the engineering school it assesses comply with European standards for quality assurance. These standards are set out in the ESG ( or references and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area. Among these standards is the requirement for schools and institutions to make public clear and frank information on their training offer. To this end, each engineering school provides certified data once a year for transmission and publication on the CTI website and the school’s own website. The CTI has accredited EIDD to award diplomas in the following specialties

  • Engineering Physics (GP) under student status
  • Materials and Nanotechnology (MN) under student status
  • Embedded Computer Systems (SIE) under student status
  • Bioengineering (GB) under apprentice status

Other assessments and certifications

The school can meet the requirements of external evaluations from other evaluation bodies that express interest or that it chooses on its own initiative

The internal quality procedure:

Quality policy

EIDD’s quality approach is a continuous improvement approach for all staff and users of the school (the engineering students). The quality management system (QMS) currently being deployed in the school is inspired by the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. It is intended to be a tool for the continuous improvement of all the processes and activities that contribute to the training of engineering students, in particular the organisation and communication (internal and external) of the school, to be able to adapt to changes in the environment.

Management commitment

The management of EIDD is committed to developing and supporting this quality approach. This commitment can be described in ten points:

  • To provide learners with teaching adapted to the needs of industry and technological innovation
  • To encourage professional integration
  • Promote the development of a critical and creative spirit in all learners
  • To provide students with working methodologies in line with European standards
  • Facilitate their involvement in dynamic, socially oriented associations
  • Ensure equal opportunities and diversity, without discrimination of learners
  • Continuously improve all processes and activities that contribute to the education of engineering students
  • Unite all staff around this improvement process
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging to EIDD
  • Internationalise training courses