HAL- Open archive

HAL is a multidisciplinary open archive for the respository, preservation and consultation of scientific content. It is intended for authors who wish to disseminate their publications beyond the commercial reference journals.

The HAL portal is part of the Open Access movement for free access to public research results.


If you are a researcher, the HAL portal enables you to:

  • improve the dissemination of your publications among researchers, in addition to being published in reference journals
  • enhance the visibility of your laboratory team’s production and your activity. The documents you upload on Hal are found by general and specialised search engines such as GoogleScholar or Isidore, a platform specific to the SHS Faculty. Hal is one of the most visible open archive tool in the world (Webometrics ranking)
  • manage your own bibliography (list of publications)
  • ensure the sustainability of access to your search results with a stable URL and guaranteed back up for content. Content in the open archives remains accessible to researchers in all countries in the long term, regardless of subscription access and the lifespan of electronic journals
  • meet the requirements of research funders in terms of publication availability, such as the European Commission since the Horizon 2020 program

Data Management Plan

  • Discover the new writing guide for your data management plans (DMP). The purpose of this document is to help researchers and project managers to write research Data Management Plans (DMP). The structure takes into account the pace of projects and the lifecycle of data, from production or collection to archiving.

About HAL

 Hal was created by the CNRS in 2000 and has been maintained by the CCSD, a unit of the CNRS. HAL is designed to deposit and disseminate scientific research articles at the research level, published or not, and theses from French or foreign research institutions, public or private laboratories. Hal is intended to receive all types of documents  in compliance with copyright law: including: articles, chapters, communications, books, images, videos, plus unpublished documents relevant to research, such as theses, research reports, supplementary data, etc. HAL works on the basis of self-archiving, the direct deposit by authors of the full text of research publications.


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Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Le ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI) et Université de Paris prennent acte de la décision d’annulation partielle du décret n°2019-209 sur la dénomination de l’université. Si un travail est d’ores et déjà engagé afin de proposer rapidement aux instances de l’établissement une nouvelle dénomination juridique, ensemble, ils soulignent toute la pertinence et la dynamique d’un projet d’excellence qui porte déjà ses fruits en France et à l’international.