The Écoles Universitaires de Recherche (EUR) offer the possibility of reinforcing the impact and international attractiveness of research and training by bringing together master’s and doctoral courses supported by one or more high-level research laboratories.

The issues of sustainability and the responses to the implied climatic, energetic, social, political, economic and organisational challenges call for an evolution or an adaptation of existing models at micro, meso and macro scales. This involves the relationships between stakeholders, rules and regulations, corporate governance, organisational workflow, investment as well as performance criteria, and how all these factors interact with one another at the local and global level. With this respect, the methods of evaluating individual and collective actions must be based on a systemic approach and include the challenges associated with these issues.

Through the strong link between the Master’s programmes and the laboratories, the Graduate School of Sustainability, Organisations and Institutions strives to train high-level experts by focusing on analysing processes that trigger virtuous dynamics, by moving from the analysis of fractures and crises to studying the emerging configurations.

Students at this Graduate School benefit from unique and recognised approaches based on the contributions of French schools of thought (régulation theory, constitutional historical analysis, convention theory, and long-term history, among others).

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