This project aims to connect archives concerning development expertise from several African countries and international organisations, and to connect researchers from the North and the South around an online digital platform that will allow this material to be exploited jointly. It will contribute to highlighting the role of expertise in the construction of post-colonial African states by focusing on the circulation of knowledge between different scales, from local territories to the headquarters of international organisations. Over a period of two years, it will bring together an interdisciplinary group of six researchers (demography, political science, social sciences and humanities) around three activities: the identification, digitalisation and online publication of archives on a dedicated digital platform; the organisation of a monthly online seminar aimed at bringing together researchers from several continents to examine the epistemological, ethical and methodological conditions of cross-fertilisation of archives from several sites; the restitution of the work through a collective publication and the submission of a more ambitious project, extended to other geographic areas. The themes addressed will be demographers and statisticians in French-speaking Africa, employment policies in Senegal, trade policies in Tunisia and development consultants in Madagascar. The project falls within the scope of GRIP’s axis 2 (circulations).