This seminar is co-organised by Quentin Deluermoz et Didier Nativel and a result of the collaboration between the ICT (Identités, Cultures et Territoires), the CESSMA (Centre d’Etudes en Sciences Sociales sur le mondes africaines, américaines et asiatiques) and the GRIP. 

It is situated at a double crossroads. Firstly, the place of ‘Europe’ in global history is understood as the study of long-distance interconnections and includes a series of approaches (connected and comparative, transnational, colonial, imperial, trans-imperial…). It is also a history of non-European worlds whose own historicities in a long time span have been appreciated with greater finesse for the last forty years.

Program 2022
  • 3th February 2022 :  Session 1. Introduction, Quentin Deluermoz (U. Paris, ICT), Didier Nativel (U. Paris, Cessma)
  • 17th february 2022: Session 2. Circulation of images, Anaïs Albert (U. Paris, ICT), Daniel Foliard (U. Paris, LARCA)
  • 17th March 2022: Session 3.  Racialisations, Aurélia Michel (U. Paris, CESSMA), Sakiko Nakao (Kyoto Seika University)
  • 21th April 2022: Session 4. Psyches, Hervé Mazurel (U. Bourgogne C. G. Chevrier), Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky (Inalco/CESSMA/Institut Convergences Migrations)