Organized by Vincenzo Cicchelli (Université Paris Cité, Ceped) & Isabelle Léglise (CNRS, SeDyL, F3S) This transversal seminar of the Global Research Institute, Paris is intended as an unique place of exchange and reflection on what considering the Global does to the social sciences in terms of methodologies, fieldwork and epistemologies. How does taking a globalized world as an object or horizon change our approaches even when an anchorage in lived experience is imposed on certain fields as a necessity? What kind of conceptual and practical tools do we need to implement – which were not already part of the tools of the social scientist in the 20th century – in order to report on phenomena related to the Global, to South-North relations, Eastern-Western dialogues, multiple centers and peripheries, happening in multi-sited fieldworks, in connected cities, and taking into account transnationalism or cosmopolitanism of mobile actors?

Program 2021-2022
  • 21st June 2021: The fields of the Global: Working on cultural and intellectual inequalities. Intervenant: Peggy Levitt, Professor at Wellesley College: “Move Over, Mona Lisa. Move Over, Jane Eyre: Disrupting the Cultural and Intellectual Inequality Pipeline”. Discussants: Sylvie Octobre (Deps, MC/Centre Max Weber) and Vincenzo Cicchelli (Université Paris Cité, Ceped). 
  • 4th October 2021: The fields of the Global: Working on transnational mobility between global cities Intervenant: Brenda S.A Yeoh, Raffles Professor of Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS). “Transient Migrant Workers and the Spatial Politics of Non-Integration in the Global City” Discussants: Vincenzo Cicchelli (Université Paris Cité, Ceped). 
  • 1st April 2022: The fields of the Global: How to think about globalization in the 21stcentury? with the intervenant :Victor Roudometof, Professor Associate, Departement of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus and discussant: Mathieu Quet, research director, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), CEPED.