Data Intelligence Institute of Paris

The Data Intelligence Institute of Paris (diiP) is an interdisciplinary initiative of Université Paris Cité. It is a laboratory that fosters and supports the emergence of interdisciplinary practices around data science and data intelligence. It gathers researchers from formal sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and social sciences.

“The mission of diiP is to foster a new wave of scientific discoveries by enabling scientists and practitioners to make sense of their large and complex data, and achieve breakthroughs that would not otherwise be possible.”

Prof. Themis Palpanas

Director of diiP


diiP Summer School 2024

The diiP is organizing a Summer School on Data Science (with a focus on deep learning data analytics techniques), on Jun10-14. Read the details and register now!


PhD Scholarships


Several PhD Scholarships (supported by the ANR Data Intensive Artificial Intelligence -DIAI- project) will be offered by diiP (starting on academic year 2021-2022) for students working on interdisciplnary projects on topics related to data intensive artificial intelligence.

Funded projects in 2022


In November 2021 the diiP institute has selected 17 interdisciplinary research projects (strategic projects and master-level internships) which involve data science and machine learning, and will kick-start in January 2022. Find out more here.

Strategic projects


The diiP institute will host and partly finance a small number of interdisciplinary Strategic Projects, of duration up to 12 months each, with the goal to contribute to both the analysis and implementation aspects.

Funded DIAI scholarships in 2021


In early 2021 the diiP institute has received ANR funding to support 12 scholarships related to Data Intensive Artificial Intelligence (DIAI). Find out more about the 6 selected scholarships in 2021 here.


Master’s Internships


The diiP institute will organize and finance several six-month Masters students Internship Projects on data science, in connection to interdisciplinary collaborations.

Funded projects in 2021


In November 2020 the Data Intelligence Institute of Paris (diiP) has selected 16 interdisciplinary projects that use data science and machine learning to be funded from January to December 2021: 13 master-level internships and 3 strategic projects. Find out more here.