University Teaching Assistants at Université Paris Cité: How to Apply

Step 1: Application with the HR Department

Please file an application for on UPCité’s recruiting platform for the “Lectorat Anglais” job offer.

The application campaign will be open this year from 9th to 30th April 2024.

For this application you will need to provide (5 Mo max. for each file, short titles with no accents or spaces):
– CV (1 PDF)
– Cover letter in French (1PDF)
– Copy of your highest diploma translated to French (at least the first year of postgraduate degree for University teaching assistants)

Your application will be reviewed and validated by the administrative board of the Anglophone Studies Department mid-June. After that, the faculty’s HR will send you proof of employment, and the receipt for a work authorisation request that they will have placed for you. Thess documents will allow you to apply for a visa. Your actual employment contract will be sent to you a little later on.

Your contact for this application is

Your contact regarding your employment contract will then be Mme BONGO:, +33 1 57 27 57 26

Step 2: Moveon application and student's card

This only concerns the lecteurs who were recruited via the UFR Etudes Anglophones’s mobility agreements.

You need to fill out a form on MoveOn for the International Relations Office of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty.

This will allow you to obtain a student’s card and access the University’s library as well as other services.

The link to the faculty’s MoveOn portal will be sent to you by email.

The deadline to apply is 15th May 2024.

Your contact in the International Relations Office of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty is Emmanuelle JEGO,

Step 3: Applying for a long-stay visa (VLS/TS)

Once you receive proof of employment, you will be able to apply for a long-stay visa (VLS/TS) as “travailleur temporaire”. Your application will be processed by the French consulate nearest to your place of residence.

For more information visit the “salaried employment” page of the France Visa website: Go to the “Foreign Language Reader/Teacher” section.

You can place your application online from the following page:

For most consulates, the time to get an appointment varies from one day to one week. You must bring your passport to this appointment, after which both the long-stay visa and the passport will be sent back to you by the post in a week’s time.

Please note that the time it takes to get an appointment at the New York Consulate is very long and may take up to 6 to 8 weeks. In addition, you will have to retrieve your passport in person at this consulate. We recommend making an appointment for the first week of September even before you receive a proof of employment or a work permit. If appointments are only available beyond this date, visit the consulate’s website regularly, especially on Mondays between 8am and 10am, as spots may open up for an appointment on an earlier date.

To prevent any confusion with the consulate, please make it very clear that you are going to France as a university teaching assistant (lecteur) and that you will have the status of a temporary worker. Make sure they know that you will NOT be coming to France as a language assistant in a secondary school.

For more information, visit the France-Visas website, the country’s official website for questions relating to visas.

When asked, you are always to state that you are going to France as a salaried worker.

We strongly advise that you wait until you have received your visa before purchasing your plane ticket.

Step 4: Arrival in France

You need to arrive in France at the beginning of September so you can attend the staff meetings, find accommodation, open a bank account, and register for any classes you may want to take.

Step 5 : Validating your long-stay visa (VLS/TS)

On June 1, 2009, France abolished a previous version of its residence permit and replaced it with long-stay visas (visa long séjour valant titre de séjour).

The French consulate will provide you with a long-stay visa document issued by the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII). You must bring the original version of this document with you to France. In the event of loss, you will have to return to your country to redo the visa application process.

When you enter France, ensure that the immigration official stamps your passport as proof of the date you arrived on French soil. It is also advised that you hold on to your boarding pass as an additional way to prove the date you arrived to France.

Within the first three months of your arrival, OFII will contact you for a medical appointment, following which they will issue a stamp making your visa valid for the year. Without this stamp, your visa will only be valid for three months.

Unfortunately, if you leave France without attending the medical appointment and receiving the stamp, you will not be allowed to re-enter the country. This is particularly important as it might affect your plans for the winter holidays.

Documents required for the medical appointment

  • Your passport with the visa
  • A revenue stamp (timbre fiscal) in the amount of €241, to be purchased online or at a tabac
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Proof of accommodation issued within the last three months (see below) [1]

If you change accommodations and move from one part of the region to another (for example from Paris to the suburbs) before you are contacted by OFII, you must inform the HR Department. OFII operates based on your address; if they do not have the right address, you will be unable to complete the process.

All these documents need to be translated by a sworn translator. The simplest way is to search for an English-to-French sworn translator in France and send them your documents in PDF format. In the USA or the UK, you are to search for a translator who has received certification either from the ATA in the US (American Translators Association) or from ITI in the UK (Institute of Translation & Interpreting).

[1] Proof of accommodation issued within the last three months

  • If you are a tenant: a copy of the rental agreement, a copy of the EDF electricity bill or copy of a landline bill ;
  • If you are staying with a friend who is a tenant: a sworn statement that you are being housed by the friend, a copy of the rental agreement, the 3 most recent rent payment receipts, the 3 most recent EDF electricity or landline bills, a copy of the friend’s ID or passport (or a copy of their residence permit if the friend is a non-EU citizen) ;
  • If you are staying with a friend who owns their accommodation: a sworn statement that you are being housed by the friend, a copy of the utility bill statement (relevé de charges) or copy of the bill of sale, a copy of the friend’s ID or passport (or a copy of their residence permit if the friend is a non-EU citizen).

The deadline for nomination is 30th April 2024.

The deadline to submit a MoveOn application is 15th May 2024.