Hospitals and professionals

Placed at the center of the response to COVID-19, hospitals all over the world have experienced enormous financial, material, and human constraints. It is essential to understand how hospitals and their staff have been impacted and adapted to the COVID-19 context.


Research objectives

Our aim is to understand i) how have health professionals adapted and organized their practices to deal with the crisis? and ii) what practical innovations were implemented and imperative to the response? We also want to identify what lessons learned can be drawn from their experience thus far, and how those can be used to improve the quality and equity of patient care and in anticipation of a future epidemic or the next wave of COVID-19.


In each of the countries where the HoSPiCOVID research project is implemented (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Mali), we are conducting a multiple case study that includes hospital observation and in-depth interviews with health professionals and administrative managers.


Expected results

Our surveys will make it possible to offer analyses of adaptation strategies of health professionals and the resilience of hospitals within each health system. Above all, we want to be able to share useful operational lessons for healthcare professionals.