Academic Calendar

Your academic year is made up of alternating periods of classes, revision, exams and also vacation! Under the supervision of the educational commissions of the Faculties and IPGP, each department provides its students a unique calendar according to its educational  activity, while taking into account the overall university timetable.

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Internship and gap year

Doing an internship

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student ? You can do one or more internships during your academic journey, subject to certain conditions. Your internship must take place outside of learning hours, correspond to the educational content of the degree and can not exceed 6 months with the same host organisation.

Gap period

You can take a break from your academic studies to implement a project, gain personal or professional experience. The break can last one or two consecutive semesters. You keep your student status and continue to benefit from university services such as libraries, preventive healthcare, sports facilities and career guidance centres.

Circle U. course catalogue

As part of Circle U’s inclusive university ecosystem, Université Paris Cité offers a course catalogue which will facilitate exchanges and enable students within the alliance to take courses at each partner university.

Changing directions

If you find that the programme you are enrolled in does not correspond to your expectations or your professional project, reorientation is an opportunity to seize. It allows you to rethink your academic plan.