Whether you are renting a room on your own, living in dormitory or sharing a flat, there are many types of accommodation and support available. The Student Life department can assist you with housing and related administrative procedures: advice, research support in the private sector, contact with our partners, etc.

Finding Accommodation

  • University residences
  • The Lokaviz Student Housing site
  • Housing platform
  • The ‘Swap and study’ housing exchange platform

Housing Support

Various organisations help students settle in more easily and provide them with financial support for the duration of their studies in Paris:

  • Apply for financial assistance from the CAF to cover part of your rent: ALS / APL 
  • Benefit from a guarantee when signing a lease:  Visale
  • Obtain a guarantee covering the risk of unpaid rent: Loca-pass guarantee
  • Obtain a loan to pay your security deposit: Loca-pass advance 
  • Get a subsidy from the Municipality of Paris for housing in the private sector: the A.I.L.E