Social Assistance

Adjusting to student life may come with some hurdles; assistance is available to make your daily life easier !

Université Paris Cité, CROUS, IDF Region and CAF can help you overcome difficult personal, family, social or material situations. We are here to provide you advice on:


  • Social and food aid/distributions
  • Obtaining residence permits for international students
  • House hunting
  • Appointments with CROUS social workers

Digital tools

Having digital difficulties? On social criteria, Université Paris Cité offers computer loans. The IDF Region also offers assistance for digital equipment for baccalaureate students with a 2021 scholarship.

Financial aid

Université Paris Cité and CROUS social workers are available to give you personalised support on a confidential basis, whatever the challenges you maybe encountering.


Université Paris Cité aims to promote access for international students who wish to undertake their academic studies at the master’s level and for those pursuing  research projects at the doctoral level. We offer several types of scholarship programmes. The criteria and eligibility requirements for each programme may be different depending on your situation.

Many scholarship programmes for international mobility also exist.
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Crous social workers

CROUS social workers can help students overcome difficult personal, family, social or material situations.

Their missions include:   

  • Helping students who experience social, family or personal difficulties
  • Restoring social contact for students facing isolation or social exclusion
  • Supporting their study projects
  • Promoting access to rights and referring to university services (SSU, orientation services, etc.) and external partners, and establishing a connection between CROUS services and the university
  • Processing financial assistance applications

University support & assistance

Any student of Université Paris Cité, French or international, whether or not a scholarship recipient, who is experiencing specific difficulties, may receive assistance and support from the Student Life department.

A small social assistance commission meets approximately every month and a half to consider the various applications that are submitted.


Latest news

Equality & diversity

Victims of gender-based and sexual violence

Are you a victim or witness of sexist or sexual violence or discrimination based on your origin, sexual orientation, appearance, real or supposed religion, etc.?

You can contact our partner, the association Women Safe, to benefit from free and anonymous multidisciplinary support (psychological, legal, medical) in case of gender-based and sexual violence.

The Women Safe program includes:

  • A first contact by phone or email,
  • An appointment, followed by an interview,
  • Depending on the situation, referral to a doctor, a psychologist, a lawyer and social support,
  • Follow-up and long-term support of the situation until it is resolved,

Specific support and follow-up for medical, psychological, social and legal procedures outside the ISG.


A dedicated team

Advisors – at the central office and in the faculty – will help you implement actions in favor of equality and diversity. Do not hesitate to contact the Equality-Diversity team!

Fighting against sexist and sexual harassment

Aware that higher education and research is not immune to sexual harassment, Université Paris Cité has designed a guide to create awareness, outline the existing schemes for prevention and provide support to those who are victims.

In Your College Interactive Comic Book

Discover the four volumes of the interactive comic book on gender-based and sexual violence that puts you at the heart of the story and leads you to make your own choices.

Master quiz

Download the ” Masters Quiz ” app on the theme of equality between women and men on the appstore or playstore of your cell phone (soon available on computer).

Cultural tips

There are very often hidden aspects of a culture that may not seem obvious that are discovered only after staying in the country for an extended period of time. Below are a handful of tips to help you navigate through the cultural adjustment.

Getting around Paris

Spread over some 14 campuses and research facilities, Université Paris Cité boasts an exceptional heritage of historic buildings and campuses, located within Paris and the surrounding suburban areas, easily accessible through public transportation. Paris, a vibrant city, offers students different ways to get around, here is all you need to know.