Professional Project

Career counsellors are available throughout your academic journey providing guidance and advice in building your professional plan.

The programme includes

Workshops, coaching, immersion, personalised interviews, preparing your resumé, coverletters and job interviews.

Finding a job

Since September 2020, Université Paris Cité has a new job placement platform, accessible to students. With this easy to use platform, you can :


  • Consult and apply to job opportunities posted by recruiters
  • Create and distribute one or more resumé to partner companies
  • Stay informed on job related events and fairs


Would you like to participate, develop or initiate your own project ? You can benefit from several group and/or individual support programmes.


The POP integrated space is open to the entire university community, it aims to encourage your entrepreneurial mindset, foster new skills, build creativity around professional development and innovation projects.

UE Entrepreneuriat

The Student Entrepreneurship Office is providing a great opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through the common free UE Entrepreneurship, which is valid for 3 ECTS. Each semester, you can participate in one of the two modules and discover entrepreneurship through the awareness module or to learn how to develop your project by taking the action module.

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National Student
Entrepreneur Status

You can apply for the National Student Entrepreneur Status by registering for the “student-entrepreneur” diploma (D2E). This status will allow you to carry out an entrepreneurial project with maximum security and visibility. The work on this entrepreneurial project can replace the traditional internship.


Junior-Enterprises are non-profit student associations whose purpose are economical and educational. They provide services to the community, both internally and externally, based on the student’s educational background. By joining a Junior-Entreprise you will discover the business world, get experience and build your professional network.

There are several Junior-Enterprises at Université Paris Cité: the Junior Etudes Santé (for medical students), the Junior EIDD Conseil and B.I.O.S., the Junior-Enterprise of Université Paris Cité.

Get started: become a student entrepreneur

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at Université Paris Cité ? Do you have an innovative, creative idea combined with an entrepreneurial mindset ? Are you thinking about how to implement your project ?

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Student jobs

UP Jobs

Throughout the year, Université Paris Cité offers jobs adapted to your curriculum.

Baby-sitting, private lessons…

Jobs are also offered by individuals and posted in front of the Welcome Desk at Odeon, 12 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine.