Private rental, a room in a university dormitory, flat-sharing..Many types of accommodation and assistance is provided to students at Université de Paris.

The Student Life department can assist you with housing and related administrative procedures: advice, research support in the private sector, contact with our partners, etc.

Finding Accommodation

University residences

The Crous of Paris offers more than 6 750 dormitory rooms in more than 70 residences. Several types of fully-equipped and furnished apartments are available, from single rooms to six‑room shared flats.

This accommodation is subject to availability for students on scholarships enrolled at a higher education institution dependent on the Paris Academy, foreign students on scholarships or in mobility students, handicapped students with motor disabilities or the visually impaired holding an 80% disability card.

To apply for accommodation in a student residence, you must submit an online application (Dossier Social Étudiant) DSE between 15 January and 31 May of the year preceding your registration.

Search for accommodation in a student residence


The Lokaviz Student Housing site

Lokaviz is a website that connects students and landlords to find certified student housing. Visale offers more than 23 000 accommodation units. Students of Université de Paris can register through the Portail MesServices using their ‘INE’ number (French for ‘National Student Identification’ – compulsory)

Visit the Lokaviz website

Housing platform

Plateforme de Studapart, in partnership with Université de Paris, you will find thousands of houses and apartments belonging to private owners, residences or real estate agencies available and close to the university’s facilities.

View Accommodation Platform

Simply create an account to access real-time verified and updated offers to:

  • find a rental
  • find your roommate(s) and form roommates
  • find a sub-lease
  • find a temporary room 

To register:
Nothing is simpler! Enter your personal email address and you will receive an activation code by email.

The 'Swap and study' housing exchange platform

The collaborative platform ‘Swap and study’ allows students to swap rooms for free for the duration of an internship or a study period abroad…

See Swap & Study website



Housing support

Various organisations help students settle in more easily and provide them with financial support for the duration of their studies in Paris:

  • Apply for financial assistance from the CAF to cover part of your rent: ALS / APL 
  • Benefit from a guarantee when signing a lease:  Visale
  • Obtain a guarantee covering the risk of unpaid rent: Loca-pass guarantee
  • Obtain a loan to pay your security deposit: Loca-pass advance  
  • Get a subsidy from the Municipality of Paris for housing in the private sector: the A.I.L.E



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Student Life Department

Due to health restrictions, the Student Life windows are only open on Wednesdays on an appointment basis.  We are available by e-mail.
12 rue de l’école de Médecine Paris 6è
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Campus Grands Moulins
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Monday to Friday 9h30-12h / 13h-16h without appointment


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Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Le ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI) et Université de Paris prennent acte de la décision d’annulation partielle du décret n°2019-209 sur la dénomination de l’université. Si un travail est d’ores et déjà engagé afin de proposer rapidement aux instances de l’établissement une nouvelle dénomination juridique, ensemble, ils soulignent toute la pertinence et la dynamique d’un projet d’excellence qui porte déjà ses fruits en France et à l’international.