French as a Foreign Language – FLE

The EILA Department offers French language classes each semester to university students and the general public.



French Language Classes for Students of Université Paris Cité

The French language classes have 5 levels, spanning the basic level (A1) to the advanced level (C1). These classes are available to students each semester (2 hours and/or 4 hours per week/semester) and are complete with continuous assessment.

Students of Université Paris Cité will be awarded university credits upon completion (3 ECTS per course or workshop).



Students of Université Paris Cité (excluding doctoral candidates) are to register through LANSAD in the EILA Department

Doctoral candidates at Université Paris Cité are to contact the Département de Formation des Doctorants: You can register for the French language course on the Améthis platform:

French Language Courses for the General Public

(excluding students and doctoral candidates of Université Paris Cité)

Since this is a skills training program and not a degree, there are no administrative fees to be paid to the University, nor will a student card or proof of enrollment (certificat de scolarité) be provided.

At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion with the level attained.


Course Content

The courses have 5 levels, from A1 to C1. The program uses blended learning and classes are given in face-to-face and/or remote delivery at a rate of two classes maximum per week for the semester.



Provisional dates for the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • from September 27 to December 17, 2021 (22 hrs. or 44 hrs.)
  • from January 31 to May 6, 2022 (22 hrs. or 44 hrs.)



Université Paris Cité (the former Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7) – Paris Rive Gauche campus


22 hours (1 class, 2 hrs./week): €250


44 hours (2 classes, 4 hrs./week): €500

In the event that you will benefit from financial assistance (from a laboratory, a company, etc.), please contact us when you apply.


  1. Create and activate your user account on the CanditOnline platform (accessible with Chrome and Mozilla)
  2. Carefully fill in your personal information and attach the required documents in PDF format only, such as both sides of your current ID (national ID card or passport)
  3. Click on “Mes candidatures” (My Applications) then on “Nouvelle candidature” (New Application)
  4. Select the relevant department of study and the type and name of the desired program Select payment method
  5. In order for the registration process to be completed, you will have to take a French placement test (the test is free and mandatory for all candidates)

Additional documentation:

  • if you will be receiving financial assistance: upload proof of financial coverage


NOTE: FOR JOB SEEKERS: on your CanditOnLine account, write your job seeker’s number (numéro de demandeur d’emploi) and the name of your local unemployment branch, and select POLE EMPLOI as the method of payment.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO THE PROGRAM by logging on to CanditOnLine



FLE Course Descriptions (in French)

C1 Current Events : Description of C1 Current Events
B2 Writing Workshop (semester 1) : Description of B2 Writing Workshop (semester 1)
B2-C1 Cinema : Description of B2-C1 Cinema
B1-B2 Culture and Civilization : Description of B1-B2 Culture and Civilization
B1 Writing Class : Description of B1 Writing Class
B2 Writing Class (semester 2) : Description of B2 Writing Class (semester 2)
A1 FLE : Description of A1 FLE
A2 FLE : Description of A2 FLE
B1 Grammar : Description of B1 Grammar
B2 Grammar : Description of B2 Grammar
C1 Grammar : Description of C1 Grammar
B1 Oral : Description of B1 Oral
B2 Oral : Description of B2 Oral
C1 Argumentative Texts : Description of C1 Argumentative Texts


The EILA Department also offers an Intensive Course in French Language and Civilization