The Department of Intercultural Studies and Applied Languages (Etudes Interculturelles de Langues Appliquées, EILA) in Université Paris Cité’ Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences focuses on modern languages and languages for specific purposes.

Since its creation in 1985, the Department of Intercultural Languages and Applied Languages (EILA) has been diversifying and expanding its activities. These activities are led by three internal departments.

  • The Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) Department offers a Bachelor’s in Applied Foreign Languages, a Professional Bachelor’s in Technical Writing and master’s programs in applied foreign languages and translation and interpretation.
  • The Department of Languages for Specialists of Other Disciplines (Langues pour Spécialistes d’Autres Disciplines, LANSAD) offers language classes to nearly 10,000 students from other departments, faculties and from across the globe.
  • The Department of Continuing Professional Education offers a variety of university diplomas (DU) in General English, English for Specific Purposes and Interpreting and Mediation. TOEIC exam sessions are also scheduled several times throughout the year.

For almost 40 years, the EILA Department has spearheaded hands-on, work-study programs and has developed close partnerships with the business world through :

  • internships for students of the Bachelor’s in LEA ;
  • the Professional Bachelor’s in Technical Writing (L3), created in 2007 ;
  • the Master’s in Language Industry and Specialized Translation, created in 1990 ;
  • the Master’s in Multilingual Technical Communication, created in 1999 ;
  • the Master’s in Languages, Interpretation and Intercultural Strategies, created in September 2015 ;
  • the Master’s in Languages. Culture and Digital Innovations, created in September 2019.

Our programs at EILA were designed in part thanks to the research conducted in the department’s laboratories :

  • The Center for Interlinguistics, Lexicology, English Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics (Centre de Linguistique Inter-langues, de Lexicologie, de Linguistique Anglaise et de Corpus, CLILLAC-ARP),
  • The Identities, Cultures and Territories Laboratory (Identités, Cultures et Territoires, ICT).

Students can also further their studies by engaging in research through the Master’s in Languages for Specific Purposes, Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies.