Language(s) of instruction: English

Length of study: 2 years

Course Location:Université Paris Cité

Degree awarded: Master’s degree in English Studies: Literature

Entry Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field of study. This is a selective program. Applications include transcripts, a CV, a cover letter and the outline of a research project, as well as a letter of support from one of the faculty members from the English department (who agrees to supervise the research project and has validated it).

Language pre-requisites: Near native fluency in English (C1/C2 level)

Course overview

This program, fully taught in English, aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge of literatures in English, in all their historical (from the 16th century to the present day), cultural and generic diversity. They will study the history of major literary forms (poetry, prose and drama), the links between literature and its context of production, canonical texts, as well as emerging literary forms, with openings towards the visual arts and links between text and image. They will further acquire theoretical tools to improve their understanding and analysis of literary texts. Our program also emphasizes the acquisition of cross-disciplinary capacities, such as writing skills, synthesis and oral presentation, documentary research, teamwork and communication, which all prepare our students for the job market, especially in fields related to research and teaching, translation, publishing and communication, and cultural professions in France and abroad.

Skills and competencies developed
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English
  • Familiarisation with canonical and contemporary literatures in English, the history of literary forms and of the links between literature and its context of production
  • Acquisition of theoretical frameworks necessary for literary study: history of literary theories, the historicizing of aesthetic categories, consolidation of literary analysis techniques
  • Ability to mobilize analytical tools and produce content (written, oral, visual) related to the major issues of literary study, including literature and identity, culture and ideology, text-image links.

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Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Murielle Guillemont
Pedagogical Coordinator
Prof. Ladan NIASYESH