Language(s) of instruction: English

Length of study: 2 years

Course Location:Université Paris Cité

Degree awarded: Master’s degree in English Studies: History

Entry Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field of study. This is a selective program. Applications include transcripts, a CV, a cover letter and the outline of a research project, as well as a letter of support from one of the faculty members from the English department (who agrees to supervise the research project and has validated it).


Language pre-requisites: Near native fluency in English (C1/C2 level).

Course overview

This Master’s degree offers students access to research in Anglo-American History and Culture (civilization) via a multidisciplinary and comparative approach. It enables the study of British and American societies in their diversity, as well as the study of other spheres of the English-speaking world. The variety of approaches (political and social history, history of ideas, political science and sociology) attests to the richness of civilization studies. The first year of the program includes an introduction to the research methodology in social sciences and it aims to deepen the understanding of the historical, social, political and cultural backgrounds of the areas concerned. Hence, in the second year of the program the student will be fully prepared to develop an original research project based on primary material/sources.  

Skills and competencies developed
  • Oral and written fluency, good command of specialized vocabulary and advanced knowledge of the history of English-speaking countries.
  • Capacity to develop and conduct a professional project or an academic research project in English.
  • Methodological tools in social sciences (history, political science, sociology): capacity to pursue a teaching and research career in English-speaking environments.
  • Ability to develop in-depth reflection based on theoretical and critical texts in the English language

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Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Murielle Guillemont
Pedagogical Coordinators
Prof. Mark Meigs  :
Ms. Stephanie Prevost :