M1 & M2 in LLCER – Specialization in English and American Studies : Literatures in English

Literatures in English : (Research Team: LARCA – UMR 8225)

As its name implies, this program specializes in literatures in English. The objective is to broaden students’ horizons in literatures in English by encouraging them to move beyond the parameters of history, culture and genre. Our seminars allow students to openly discuss the history of literary forms, the complex connections between literature and the context in which it was produced, “canonical” literature and newly defined literary forms.

We will examine literary elements and the creation of literariness in their cultural, esthetic, epistemological and larger economic contexts. Then, we will see how literariness is aligned with writing, and how the imagination of an era, an author and an esthetic movement make up a language. Depending on the seminar’s topics, we may also take trips relating to plastic art or to study the connection between text and images. Students will select their seminars based on their choice of American or British literature, after consulting with their thesis director.

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