M1 & M2 in LLCER – Specialization in English for Specific Purposes (“Aspé”), joint program with ENS de Paris-Saclay

This master’s program was created thanks to a partnership between Université Paris Cité (EILA Department and the Department of English and American Studies) and the École Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay. The program introduces students to specialized discourse in English, for example in the fields of science, law and economics. Students will take high-level courses centered on the fundamental skills to train English specialists, namely translation from and into English, linguistics, civilization studies and literature. This multidisciplinary master’s degree also includes training modules for students who wish to teach English to specialists of other fields (LANSAD). In collaboration with the EILA Department, the program allows students to take courses in applied foreign languages such as terminology, corpus linguistics and lexicogrammar. The first year of the program can be done either here in Paris or at a partnering English-speaking university as part of an immersion program. In the second year, emphasis is placed on research skills in specialized fields in English so students can be well prepared to pursue a doctoral program. These skills include critical analysis of research articles, research methodologies, collective research projects and the publication of findings, and the writing of a thesis of about 100 pages.

Currently, the Master’s in English for Specific Purposes is the only one of its kind in France. It was designed particularly for young specialists of English who wish to teach English to specialists of other fields at the tertiary level (in the form of PRAG positions accessible after sitting the Agrégation exam). This program prepares interested students to pursue a PhD in specialized discourse in English, English linguistics applied to technical fields, corpus linguistics, teaching English to specialists of other fields (LANSAD), and many other areas.

Admission into this competitive program is based on the quality of students’ application and an interview with Benjamin Delorme, the director of the program at ENS Paris-Saclay, whose e-mail is : delorme@ens-cachan.fr.

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