M1 & M2 in LLCER – History and civilization of the English-speaking World

English-speaking Civilizations (Research Team: LARCA – UMR 8225) 

The Master’s in History of the English-speaking World offers students the opportunity to study British and American civilizations using a multidisciplinary and comparative approach, allowing them to understand the diversity of British and American societies and thereby access other cultures in the English-speaking world. The variety of approaches used (social and political history, intellectual history, political science and sociology) demonstrates the wealth of knowledge available in civilization studies. In the first year, students will be introduced to research methodologies used in the humanities. They will also build on their historical, social, political, cultural and artistic background knowledge of the societies studied, so that they can participate in personal, original research using primary sources in the second year.

Students will select their seminars based on their choice of American or British civilization, after consulting with their thesis director.

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