On July 7, 2021, the HoSPiCOVID team was present at the 5th International Conference on Public Policy (July 5-9, Barcelona). This event was an opportunity to review the challenges associated with the study of social inequalities in health in the formulation of public health interventions in a pandemic context.
On July 7, during the 5th International Conference on Public Policy, Zoé Richard and Valéry Ridde presented a reflective analysis of the challenges of studying how social inequalities in health have been considered in the formulation of contact tracing and testing interventions, two key tools in the fight against COVID-19. 




⇒ Access the PPT presentation of the intervention (content prepared by Zoé Richard, Fanny Chabrol, Lara Gautier, Rachel Mikanagu and Valéry Ridde).


⇒ Access the recording of the intervention





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