Proposal for a master’s degree internship in our partner laboratory MPQ : Graphene nanostructuring for energy conversion at nanoscale.

  • Position Description

The main goal of the internship is to investigate experimentally the electric (σ), thermoelectric (S) and thermal properties (k) of devices based on nanostructured graphene, the 2D material of choice for this project acting as the thermoelectric element. Nanostructuring will be engineered by nanolithography (i.e. network of holes) or surface functionalization (electrografting) with the aim to reduce phonon mean free path without affecting significantly the electron mean free path. This will allow enhancing dramatically the figure of merit. The following methods and techniques will be used : micro‐fabrication in clean room, electrical transport measurements.

All detailed information is available on the job announcement.


  • Contact informations

Internship’s supervisor : maria‐luisa.della‐rocca@u‐ – 01 57 27 70 13

More information on the team’s website.

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