Bachelor’s degree

Professional bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics of materials

Materials analysis pathway


This training is intended for students interested in materials analysis techniques, damage control, and the fabrication and characterization of new materials of the future (nano-metals, meta-materials, bio-sourced materials, etc.). The training lasts one year, from September to September. It is an apprenticeship: students follow the curriculum in alternation with three teaching periods spread over the year, the rest of the time being spent in the company. This program meets a constant need in the industrial sector (automotive, aeronautics, construction, etc.) for people trained in the expertise of materials under real conditions of use. With a focus on industry thanks to the acquisition of technical and specialized skills, the Professional Degree in Materials Analysis prepares students for successful integration into the company.


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Professional bachelor’s degree in instrumentation, measurement and quality control

Metrology, Quality and Industrial Safety


The professional degree in Instrumentation, Measurement and Quality Control (LPRO MIMCQ) is a professional training, in alternation only, declined under the course :


  • Graduates of the MIMCQ professional degree are expected to hold positions of intermediate responsibility with a field approach in all sectors of industry (production, operations, maintenance, safety) concerned with metrology, quality and industrial safety, as well as in control and certification organizations.
  • They occupy cross-functional positions that give them a pivotal role and great adaptability within the company.
  • These specialists are essential actors in the optimization of processes and are called upon to intervene in specialized departments of quality, personal safety, risk prevention and control of the industrial environment in a context where processes and regulatory standards are becoming increasingly complex.


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