The POP’s integrated collaborative space is located at the Grands Moulins Campus. Open to the entire university community, it aims to encourage each person’s entrepreneurial mindset and creativity around professional development and innovation projects. It is one of the operational objectives of the “Student Ownership and Junior Enterprises” initiative, funded by Université Paris Cité IdEx.

Developing student entrepreneurship and Junior Enterprises

Université Paris Cité is positioned as a world-class research-intensive university and aims to put in place resources cultivating the integration of students in high level positions of responsibility and technicality in both the academic and business worlds.

The IdEx “Student Entrepreneurship and Junior Enterprises” initiative strives to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and acquisition of soft skills, complementing the skills acquired through the various academic programmes, while fostering the professional development of students and the integration of young graduates.

This initiative focuses on :

  • helping build awareness and train the University’s student community and staff on student entrepreneurship
  • supporting the creation and development of “Junior Enterprise” student associations
  • enabling Université Paris Cité to offer an entrepreneur-student qualification
  • ensuring an international scale for student entrepreneurship

POP : a collaborative environment supporting students’ professional development


A fully equipped meeting room can be booked at various times of the day to work as a team on a project, organise a meeting or hold a professional event (interview, presentation of projects to third parties, etc.).

In addition to booking the meeting room, this space offers a schedule for each semester:

Entrepreneurship unit of study – “Awareness” section

A free unit of study worth 3 ECTS credits to discover the entrepreneurial adventure by meeting with entrepreneurs, visiting dedicated spaces focused on entrepreneurship and taking part in collaborative work in subgroups to create an entrepreneurial project (2 main themes per semester).

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Professional events

Meet UP: sessions for exchanges on various topics based on an afterwork format, making it possible to promote entrepreneurial initiatives and open up a space for exchanges and development around both personal and professional projects.

Careers Café: roundtable to discover inspiring career paths and exchange with members of the academic community and socioeconomic world.

Training programmes

Educational activities offered by the POP’s external partners focused on acquiring soft skills and capitalising on them during your personal and professional journeys.

Entrepreneurship awareness actions

Various events are offered throughout the year (student entrepreneurship forum, “Imagining your entrepreneurial project” workshops) to help ideas take shape, introduce innovative ways of working (ideation, design thinking, etc.) and encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills, whether for professional or other goals.

” Adopting an “entrepreneurial mindset” means taking action, taking the initiative, and taking an active role in your own future; adopting an “entrepreneurial mindset” also means creating an innovative startup, engaging in the social and solidarity economy, supporting an association-based project, and simply growing in confidence. An entrepreneurial mindset is a vital asset for our young people, who are bubbling with creativity and desire. Our mission is to support them”.

Text by the Minister Frédérique Vidal (editorial of the press kit Plan Esprit d’Entreprendre of 2 May 2019)


POP Professional Development and Guidance Department
Campus des Grands Moulins
Bâtiment des Grands Moulins – Aile C – RDC
10 Esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet Paris 13e

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