University Teaching Assistants at Université Paris Cité : Conducting Research and Taking Classes

Participating in research activities and auditing classes

Teaching assistants have the status of both a teacher and a student. They will receive a student card which gives them access to the university library and the available online services.

Teaching assistants can audit classes if they receive authorization from the teacher in charge. You can browse the University’s course catalogue on this page, and check the offer of classes in Anglophone Studies on that page.

Teaching assistants are encouraged to keep up to date with the research conducted at the Department of English and American Studies and its laboratories. The Department secretary, Sylvia Morin (sylvie.morin@u-paris), will add you to the Department’s mailing list so you can follow the events planned.

The Department has two research laboratories :

LARCA (UMR 8225) : The Research Laboratory on English-Speaking Cultures (LARCA) is the place of study for professors who are active in the fields of literature, history and visual culture applied to the English-speaking world. Website.

CLILLAC (research team 3967) : The Center for Interlinguistics, Lexicology, English Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics. Website

Teaching assistants are invited to participate in the research laboratories’ activities and meet the doctoral candidates, some of whom lecture in the Department. The doctoral candidates have their own room on the 8th floor of the Olympe de Gouges building, which you can access. If you wish to be added to the laboratories’ mailing lists or be able to get the key to the doctoral candidates’ room, contact the administrative research director: Corinne Hamel (, Olympe de Gouges, office 463, 4th floor.

Assistants who teach at the doctoral level can also participate in the activities of the doctoral schools :

ED 131 : Languages, Literature and Images: Civilizations and the Humanities (Francophone, Anglophone and East Asian Societies)

ED 622 : Linguistics :

All university teaching assistants can access Université Paris Cité’s sporting facilities.

The University Health Service can provide you with the medical certificate that may be required for certain sports.

Registering for classes as a student

Thanks to reciprocal agreements in place, teaching assistants from SUNY Buffalo, the University of Arizona, the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania are allowed to register for classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

You can browse the University’s course catalogue on this page, and check the offer of classes in Anglophone Studies on that page.

If you wish to register for classes, please contact Clemence Follea :

Once you have selected your classes, you will have to fill in a learning agreement and present your student card to the main office of the department offering the courses you are interested in to be registered (academic registration process).

Classes begin in mid-September for the first semester and mid-January for the second semester. You can consult the current year’s calendar for Department of Anglophone Studies on this page.

Your official transcript will be sent to you by the Strategy and International Relations Office at the end of the academic year.