Proposal for a master’s degree internship in our partner laboratory MPQ : Gate tunable molecular junctions with 2D semiconductors.

  • Position Description

The team proposes to use 2D semiconductors to overcome the issue of gating in vertically stacked molecular junctions. The typical structure will be Au/hBN/WSe2/molecules/Au with a lateral metal contact on the WSe2 layer to form the junction in such a way that electronic transport will be governed by three interfaces: metal/ WSe2, WSe2/molecules and molecules/Au. The following methods and techniques will be used : clean room nanofabrication, electrical transport measurements at low temperature.

All detailed information is available on the job announcement.


  • Contact informations

Internship’s supervisor : philippe.lafarge@u‐ – 01 57 27 61 42

More information on the team’s website.

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