At the occasion of the 2021 MRS Fall Meeting (November 29th to December 2nd 2021), some of our team members traveled to Boston to present their research and take part in the biggest annual event in the field of Materials Research.

The Paris MRS Chapter in Boston

From left to right : Marie-Charlotte Dragassi (Industry Liaison), Souad Ammar (Faculty Advisor), Fayna Mammeri (Lecturer at Université Paris Cité), Michaël Redolfi (Lecturer at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Larissa Chaperman (Vice-President) and Valerio Longo (Technical Platforms Liaison)

What are scientific conferences?

Scientific conferences are a valuable opportunity for exchange and networking. Researchers (beginners and experienced alike) from many different countries reunite to show the result of their work, allowing not only for an update on the latest developments on a variety of topics, but also to get to know people working on similar subjects, which can become future collaborators or coworkers. 

The members representing the Paris MRS Chapter in Boston are Larissa Chaperman (Vice-President), Marie-Charlotte Dragassi (Industry Liaison) and Valerio Longo (Technical Platforms Liaison), presenting part of the work they developed during their doctoral studies, as well as one of our Faculty Advisors, Souad Ammar. And even if they all work within Materials Science, their works represent a bit of the diversity of themes and applications it contains.

Getting to know our work

Are you interested in chemistry, materials characterization and clean energies? Larissa developed a simple and fast route for preparing materials capable of producing hydrogen from water and sunlight. By using soft chemistry to optimize the characteristics of environmentally safe materials, she hopes to contribute towards a more environmentally friendly way of renewably producing hydrogen. Her work “Optimization of Functionally Graded Titanium Oxides Through Soft Chemistry” was presented during a Symposium on Hydrogen Production.

© Paris MRS/E-MRS Chapter

© Paris MRS/E-MRS Chapter

Are you worried that solid hydrogen storage is an obstacle for its broader use as a fuel? Adept of novel synthesis methods? Marie-Charlotte performed a cold plasma treatment to achieve the reduction of nickel hydrides prepared through soft chemistry. The obtained materials could potentially replace more expensive materials for solid hydrogen storage.  Her work “Nickel Hydride Performed Under Cold Ar/H2 Plasma Treatment—Material Processing and Mechanism” was presented during a Hydrogen Storage Symposium.

Have you ever wondered how we can obtain efficient, inexpensive and non-toxic materials for light-emitting displays and screens? Valerio’s light emitting device comprises an active layer of non-toxic nanoparticles (Mn-doped ZnS) sandwiched between two dielectric layers, capable of emitting light without the injection of charge carriers: the emission takes place when an alternate voltage is applied to the system. With its simple architecture and non-toxic materials, this device might represent a way to overcome the main limitations for the production of QD-based LEDs. His work ‘’ZnS:Mn-QD-Based Electroemissive Layer for Non-Toxic LED Applications’’ was presented during a Symposium  on Nanophotonic Devices.

© Paris MRS/E-MRS Chapter

But is it only work?

Scientific conferences also hold an important share of socializing and discovering new cultures, within and outside of the academic aspect. They are usually an integral part of the formation of new researchers (Master’s or PhD students) in most countries. Ask any scientist and they will surely have some conference stories to share. Here are some pictures of our team enjoying what Boston has to offer:





© Paris MRS/E-MRS Chapter

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