Health and Wellbeing

Health Prevention

The University Healthcare Centres welcomes you free of charge and on an appointment basis. It provides medical consultations, notably:

  • Health examinations (preventive medicine, gynecology prevention, oral and dental screening, psychological consultations, smoking cessation, vaccinations, nutrition consultations)
  • Consultations for students with disabilities
  • Certificates for practicing sports, internships abroad
  • Follow-up for international students who have just arrived outside the European Union

Healthcare Facilities

For consultations in general medicine, gynecology, dentistry and psychiatry, you have the possibility to consult our doctors without advance payment by providing justification that you have access to public health insurance and have complementary insurance coverage.

Psychological Support

The SSE preventive health centre, provides a hotline, Nightline listening service, the BAPU as well as many other organisations provide psychological support services either face to face or by video.

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