Feeling down? Having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed? Having dark or suicidal thoughts? Here are your contacts and some useful information to get psychological support during your studies.

Download the brochure for the main psychological support facilities available to students in the Paris Region

Make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist

Contact your University Healthcare Team

The student healthcare team is available to support you during the Covid-19 health crisis.

You can make an appointment with our University Healthcare Team through Doctolib with the professional of your choice: doctor, nurse, dentist or psychologist. You can choose an in-person or video appointment.

Book an appointment with a BAPU University Counselling Office

The University Counselling Offices (Bureaux d’aide psychologique universitaires, BAPU) are counselling centres that are open to all students who would like psychological support. Their teams are made up of psychotherapists (psychiatrists and psychologists), social assistants and an administrative team. Locally, other professionals may also offer their help in connection with the BAPU Counselling Offices.

The full cost of these consultations is covered by the Social Security system and health insurers.
Students requesting this support do not have to pay any costs in advance.

BAPU Pascal – Montparnasse
30 rue Pascal
75005 Paris
Tél : 01 43 31 31 32

BAPU Luxembourg
44 rue Henri Barbusse
75005 Paris
Tél : 01 43 29 65 72

BAPU Claude Bernard
20 rue Larrey
75005 Paris
Tél : 01 43 37 16 16

BAPU Ribera
50 rue de Ribera
75016 Paris
Tél : 01 45 20 14 40

BAPU Bagnolet
131 rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris
Tél : 01 40 09 05 09

BAPU Grange Batelière
13 rue de la Grange Batelière
75009 Paris
Tél : 01 47 70 70 32

BAPU de l’Institut Claparède
5 rue du Général Cordonnier
92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Tél : 01 47 45 23 70

BAPU Créteil
1 allée du Marché
94100 Créteil
Tél : 01 43 77 22 22

BAPU St Maur des-Fossés
34 bis rue des Remises
94100 St Maur-des-Fossés
Tél : 01 42 83 28 40

BAPU Cachan
4, rue Raspail
94230 Cachan
Tél : 01 46 65 62 22


Wherever you may be, Apsytude offers counselling sessions with a psychologist.
These counselling sessions are free when the CROUS or local establishment has a partnership with Apsytude

Happsy Hours

Happsy Hours are individual counselling sessions with a psychologist, linked to a CROUS regional centre for student affairs or an establishment.

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Happsy Line

Happsy Line also offers individual counselling online sessions with a psychologist.

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Other partnerships

Locally, there may also be other partnerships between a CROUS and various support and counselling programmes.
To learn more, visit the website for your CROUS, under “Social Action / Health”.

The Écoute Étudiants platform

This recent site has been created for students in the Île-de-France Region.

Created by psychological support professionals, this platform includes information, advice and practical exercises that you will be able to do at home, and you can also have remote counselling sessions (up to 3 free sessions) with psychologists.

The national Santé Psy Étudiant platform

On 10 March 2021, a dedicated national platform was launched to provide psychological support for students. “Santé Psy Étudiant” enables all students to benefit from free psychological support.

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Relais Etudiants Lycéens

The Fondation Santé des Etudiants de France offers psychological and academic counselling sessions for young people from the ages 14 to 25.

These support structures operate with or without appointments to provide quick access to care, screening and assessments for adolescents and young adults facing psychological distress in their school, university or family environments.

Paris branch: 

01 45 83 89 15 – 60 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris

Seine-Saint-Denis branch:

06 40 29 78 98 – 3 allée des Tilleuls, 93120 La Courneuve


Espace Santé Jeunes in Nanterre

The Espace Santé Jeunes is a free municipal service for 12 to 25 year olds. Its multidisciplinary team offers a welcome and listening service, as well as information and counselling appointments to address, with complete anonymity and confidentiality, any questions relating to health or legal aspects as well.

Phone : 01 55 69 12 68

Address:  6 avenue Vladimir Ilitch Lénine, 92000 Nanterre

Monday from 2pm to 6pm; Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 12:30 and from 2pm to 6pm.

Contact by mail :esj@mairie-nanterre.fr

Just need to talk and/or someone to listen ?


Nightline is a listening, support and information service run by student volunteers; it is confidential, free and non-judgemental.

Service closed during the summer from 11 July to 1 September.

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The APASO association offers free counselling sessions for all students in Paris, regardless of their school. Whether you are suffering from real psychological difficulties or you simply have questions about your future plans, come and discuss your situation freely, anonymously and at no cost, with a specially trained psychologist.

One of this system’s goals is to guide students towards appropriate help. If applicable, the psychologist will be able to support you with a programme of care, in addition to guiding you to social structures, while also looking at access to your rights, career guidance, access to culture or leisure activities, etc. The psychological support offered aims to enable students to better integrate with their environment and support them with promising projects: student creation, associations…

Practical information / Timetables

  • Free psychological support service for students:
  • Mondays 2 to 6pm and Wednesdays 9am to 1pm.
  • Location: 50 rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris.


  • APASO secretarial team on 01 40 47 55 47
  • Psychologist on 09 61 34 47 33
  • Email: apaso-paris@apaso.fr
Fil santé jeunes

On hand to answer your questions every day from 9am to 11pm. 0800 235 236, anonymous freephone number.
You can also contact Fil Santé with the chat feature.

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SOS Amitié

Helpline for anyone facing a difficult period in their lives.

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Suicide Écoute

Helpline for anyone who is considering ending their life or has decided to do so, as well as for their friends and family.

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SOS Suicide Phénix

Helpline and support service for anyone facing the issue of suicide.

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Website and app with information for people who may be feeling down, as well as tools, advice and a map of the resources available in each region.


Free helpline specialised in the issue of gender-based and sexual violence: 3919

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Ligne Azur

Helpline for anyone who has questions, feels discriminated against or has been subject to homophobic discrimination: 0 810 20 30 40

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SOS homophobie

National association to combat hate-motivated violence and discrimination against LGBTI : 01 48 06 42 41

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Whether you have been subjected to or witnessed discrimination, the antidiscrimination.fr service will listen and support you to take action faced with situations involving discrimination whatever the reason (origins, disability, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) or the area concerned (employment, housing, access to a service, etc.).

Number: 39 28

The service also has a chat feature and offers access for people who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Psy Île-de-France

Following a five-month trial, the “Psy IdF” platform, led exclusively by GHU Paris with close support from ARS Île-de-France, is being maintained and will now be based on a free helpline for information, guidance and psychological or psychiatric counselling for anyone in the Paris Region: 01 48 00 48 00 (free), 11am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Le Refuge

A State-approved structure that offers temporary accommodation and social, medical and psychological support for young adult victims of homophobia. The structure has accommodation in Montpellier, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, and offers counselling in its day support centres, open to everyone.

06 31 59 69 50 (24h/24, 7 days a week)

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Association "Soins aux Professionnels de Santé"

The Soins aux Professionnels de Santé association offers all students access to its anonymous and confidential free helpline, available 24-7, with all calls answered: 0 805 23 23 36 or using the Asso SPS app

Full directory of support programmes and helplines

Head to Mon soutien psy gratuit (My free psychological support), which presents the psychological support services located close to your campus or your home.

This site has been created by the association Nightline France in conjunction with the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the CNOUS, the French Ministry for Higher Education, the ADDSU and the RESSPET network.

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