Funding, Financial and Social Support

Whatever your level of studies or the difficulties faced, several assistance and support systems are available for students at Université Paris Cité and through its partners.


University support & assistance

All Université Paris Cité students – whether they are French or international and have or have not been awarded grants – experiencing temporary difficulties may be entitled to assistance and support from the Student Life Department.

Our staff from the Student Life Department, located at the Odéon site and Grands Moulins campus, are available to provide you with advice and guidance related to grants, digital and financial assistance, housing, healthcare, etc.

Dedicated Information Centres

The dedicated information centres mission is to welcome students, facilitate their integration, provide information and advice while at the same time help to accelerate in adminstrative procedures. They offer a unique support service throughout the year for international, national and PhD students, including:

  • social, financial and food assistance
  • assistance packages to tackle the digital divide
  • assistance for international students in obtaining residence permits
  • finding accommodations
  • support in finding student jobs
Requesting temporary financial assistance

Part of the CVEC Student Life and Campus Contribution received by the University is set aside each year for students who may experience temporary financial difficulties.

All students can submit an application requesting assistance, which will be reviewed by the commission. These temporary assistance packages may cover difficulties relating to health, accommodation, mobility, food aid, digital assistance or budget issues. This programme does not offer monthly assistance packages. 

Application process

1- Download and complete the application.
2- Return your completed application and the supporting documents to

We recommend transferring your supporting documents using dedicated file transfer software, such as File Sender (sign in with your UParis login details) or Smash.

Any incomplete application such as missing documents and/or forms not completed correctly will automatically be rejected by the commission. 

To help with the review of your application, you may be offered a phone consultation by the Student Life Department.

The social assistance commission will meet several times a month to review applications (dates provided below). You will receive an email response within 8 days to notify you of the commission’s decision. We would like to remind you that the commission has ultimate responsibility and its decisions are final.   

Commission Meeting dates:

  • 30th september
  • 7th october
  •  21st october
  • 18th november
  •  2nd december


Reimbursement of enrolment fees for CROUS grants

If you have been awarded a CROUS grant based on social criteria and you have paid enrolment fees, you can ask for a reimbursement by completing this form. Please read and complete it carefully. All applications are to be sent to

Any application that is incomplete, in the incorrect format or illegible will not be reviewed. Paper applications will not be accepted.To ensure applications are processed in a timely manner, please do not send reminders by email.

Computer loan and internet connection

To enable all students to embark smoothly in their academic journey, Université Paris Cité provides computers and 4G cards on loan, in partnership with Emmaüs Connect, to students who may be facing difficulties, based on social criteria. Each application will be reviewed by the University’s social assistance commission.

To request a loan PC:

The PC is loaned for the current academic year and is subject to the submission of insurance* for loanable computer goods. Your application will be submitted to the Welfare Commission and you will receive a reply by email.

To apply, complete the online form

* (If you do not have insurance, please visit the website of our partner SMERRA – Indispensable range with “loan of equipment” extension)

To request a DATA package

Université Paris Cité, with its partner Emmaüs Connect, offers a 4G card and 4 12Gb top-ups to students with digital difficulties. Your request will be submitted to the social aid commission and you will receive an answer by email.

To make your request, complete the online form.

If you have an emergency (no computer or wifi connection), you can contact

Complementary Coverage & Insurance

Université Paris Cité offers its students a range of complementary health and insurance products (civil liability, housing, etc.) at a reduced price.

To do this, simply visit the Université Paris Cité membership area of our partner :


CROUS grants and assistance

Social assistants

Present at our sites and campuses, they can help students to handle difficult moments relating to personal, family, social or material matters.

Their key missions:

  • helping students who face social, family or personal difficulties
  • re-establishing social connections faced with the risk of exclusion or marginalisation
  • supporting their study projects
  • facilitating access to their rights and directing them to the University services (SSU, guidance services, etc.) and external partners; liaising between the CROUS departments and the University
  • preparing applications for financial assistance
  • participating in the various social commissions and bodies within our University

They can call on:

  • the national emergency assistance fund (FNAU), managed by CROUS, intended for students who are faced with a family breakdown situation, who are independent or aged 28 to 35 and are therefore not eligible for a grant based on social criteria
  • temporary emergency assistance from CROUS
  • the University’s social assistance packages

In accordance with the health guidelines, the Crous de Paris central services are continuing to operate remotely and will be unable to welcome members of the public on site until further notice.

Our social assistants are still fully mobilised during this period. To contact them, send an email to the social support unit for your Université Paris Cité Faculty: 

 A national emergency helpline for students facing serious social or financial difficulties is also available:  0806 000 278

Social criteria grants

These grants, managed by CROUS, are for students under the age of 28, with limited family resources, who are part of a full-time academic programme in an establishment governed by the French Ministry for Higher Education.

Students awarded grants based on social criteria are:

  • exempt from paying university enrolment fees
  • exempt from paying the CVEC Student Life and Campus Contribution
  • awarded priority status for CROUS student accommodation

To submit your application, complete the dedicated application pack: Student social application (DSE)

Specific cases: Are you studying as part of a social, paramedical or health-related course?

The regional councils have exclusive authority to decide to award grants to students who are enrolled for courses in these areas. Read  the map of regional support measures to submit your application.

Find out more about scholarships based on social criteria
Calculate your scholarship entitlement and your tier.

Requirements for obtaining a grant

There are various eligibility criteria for grants: nationality, age, means-testing, qualification, etc. This depends on the type of support applied for.

Learn more:

CROUS Mission Handicap

Students with a disability acknowledged by the Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées (MDPH) should contact the CROUS disability mission for accommodation and financial aid.

CROUS de Paris
Catherine Swiecicki
39 avenue Georges Bernanos Paris 5e
01 40 51 35 57
Accueil sur rendez-vous

Other scholarships

If you are not eligible for a scholarship on social criteria – or even in addition to it – there are other sources of funding for your studies.

Discover other financial aids

There are also a number of grant programmes supporting international mobility.

Read more


Student Life Department

12 rue de l’école de Médecine Paris 6è
Aile droite du bâtiment – Portes A.0.4 et A.0.5
01 76 53 17 50
Du Monday to Friday 9h30-12h / 13h-16h without appointment
Campus Grands Moulins
Aile A – RdC – Loft
5, rue Thomas Mann Paris 13e


CROUS Social Assistants

Faculty of Sciences
Fatiha Guerinat
Bâtiment Sophie Germain – ground floor
8 place Aurélie Nemours Paris 13th
Book an appointment by email
Faculty of Health
Mike Curier
45, rue des Saints-Pères Paris 6th
Book an appointment by email
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mike Curier
45, rue des Saints-Pères Paris 6th
Book an appointment by email

National emergency helpline for students facing serious social or financial difficulties: 0806 000 278

24-7 helpline on 0806 000 278 exclusively for social emergencies.

Read more

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